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Jo Slee Alive & Loving It Support Group

Yvonne Carlyon Yoga Class

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Following a successful career in the independent music business, and later as a business manager, Jo trained in the healing arts, returned to Art College, and published her first book. A diagnosis of breast cancer in 1999 led her to the holistic world of integrative medicine, and for several years she was a media volunteer for the Bristol Cancer Help Centre (now Penny Brohn Cancer Care), speaking about her own healing journey. She is an experienced group facilitator with a special interest in the family dynamics of co-dependence, addiction and depression, and the limitless potential for healing.

Jo offers this support group to all those facing the challenges of illness, who are embracing their healing path and wish to explore and share their feelings and the options that arise in the course of their journey. The aim is to provide a safe and supportive space to allow the exchange of experiences and a deeper exploration of all aspects of the healing journey. This shared time will offer a well of compassion, support and encouragement for members to face their fears and transform the crisis of illness into an opportunity to embrace a new life based upon the joy of living.

Yvonne is a photographer and artist who started teaching yoga in 2000. She offers a gentle flowing yoga in which the postures are coordinated with the breath for maximum benefit. Yoga combines our modern scientific understanding of the body with ancient yoga principles in balancing the functions and evolution of body, mind and spirit. Yvonne’s intention is to bring harmony and peace to mind and body and vitality to the spirit and energy system, which will in turn support both physical and mental healing. It will also create the vital energy to propel you forward in all your other exciting healthy life plans.

Aims Yvonne’s class will provide:

  • A weekly opportunity to calm and strengthen yourself

  • Consideration of how to adapt your practice in the light of your individual needs and state

  • Playful warm-up exercises and classical yoga asanas (postures)

  • Moving meditations and deeply restorative postures to nurture the physical and energetic bodies,

  • Support to move into profound healing stillness through guided relaxation and meditation


  • A calm mind and a flexible strong body

  • Improved blood pressure, heart rate and breathing pattern

  • Peace of mind free from fear from which to restart your life afresh

  • A supportive group experience with others working alongside you to improve their health and wellbeing

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