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How to Increase Your Confidence- Part 3

Heather:  I'm up here today to tell you a little about myself and what’s been going on in my life. First, I'm not wearing this helmet to wear a fashion statement or because I skateboard or ride horses or surf as many people have asked me.  I'm wearing this helmet because of a decision I made about six months ago.  Before November 9th, I had hair down to my elbows.  Now you can see I have a GI Jane haircut and I get another one on April 7th which is uncool.  To give you some background, I moved here from outside New Orleans about two years ago.  I'm a freshman in high school.  I have a brother in junior high and a mom and dad.  I was raised in a Christian family all my life and have always gone to church and got baptized last summer.  Within the past two years I got to where I never wanted to come here.  There’s a lot of people here and walking in here by yourself and sitting by yourself you feel, “I’ve got no one to talk to.  I'm all by myself.

Mom:  I don’t advise jumping out at all.  In the movies it always looks really cool.  You get up and dust yourself off.  But the moment Heather jumped and I heard her head hit the ground it was the worst moment of my entire life.  I hope nothing that bad ever happens again.  Being a nurse, I knew immediately just how bad it was.  I ran to the other side of the car.  She was not responsive.  She wasn’t breathing.  In between screaming “Call 9-1-1!” and begging God to not let her die I had to pull myself together and start CPR.  Thankfully she began to breathe.  In the ambulance I knew everything they were saying so it made it really difficult.  They had to continue doing CPR in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.  They took her into surgery right away to remove a portion of her skull because her brain was swelling and it would cause damage if there was anything there.  Two days later they had to go ahead and remove the other side because her brain was continuing to swell.  She was so swollen she looked like the Michelin man.  She was unrecognizable.  They said it was the worst head injury they’d ever had at Mission Hospital.  They also told us that she was going to be in a drug induced coma for three weeks to allow her brain to rest.  During those first five days we were told she was going to die numerous times.  They talked about organ donation.  That’s pretty tough.  Then they decided to start reducing some of the medication because in one way they were helping her but they were also causing her to go into heart failure and all that stuff.  It was like being on a huge roller coaster that will not stop.  Then they started preparing us for the fact that if she survived that she was going to be very severely handicapped mentally and physically.  And she’s neither.  You can see that.  She’s herself.  Since that time she’s had one portion of the skull replaced.  Actually everybody’s prayers were so effective and her brain was so healthy they decided not to put both sides in at the same time because they didn’t want to risk causing further swelling and further damage.  We go in about a week and a half and get the other side in.  Even though it was a terrible tragedy we saw God’s hand in it from the very beginning.  The doctors that needed to be there were all in place at the hospital at 11:00 on a Sunday morning.  That doesn’t happen.  We only had one relative out here but you would have thought that we knew everybody in Saddleback Valley because the people from the church just surrounded us with love.  It was incredible.  We felt like we knew, because Heather had accepted Christ, that she was right in His arms.  We were underneath surrounded.  The people here demonstrating Christ’s love was awesome.  You have someone among you that is really special.  This person brought us a lot of verses and sayings while we were there.  One of them we put above her bed.  This is an awesome saying and I recommend learning it.  “Never be afraid to trust an all knowing God with an unknown future.”  It was so true because there was nothing we could do to control the outcome we just laid it out there for him.  What was so neat about Sarah doing this was you think of adults to do this kind of stuff or should know to do this kind of stuff.  For a high schooler, who didn’t know Heather, she didn’t know our family to reach out.  It was on a daily basis, she brought us new scripture.  It was awesome.  Heather’s ABS group who she didn’t really know that well because of not wanting to go all the time they were right there.  Kelly her leader was


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