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How to Increase Your Confidence- Part 3

the holy one of Israel.  You are precious to Me and honored and I love you.”  I know that God will be with me through the pain as He already has.  

This wasn’t a little bike accident.  She was on the verge of death.  They talked to them about seriously considering organ donation because everybody thought she was going to die.  People ask for miracles all the time and want God to prove Himself.  He’s working all the time even in this broken world.  In the midst of pain remember that it’s broken.

3.  Refuse to give up.

Hang on to the hope.  Romans 8:23 “Now that we are saved we eagerly look forward to this freedom.”  This freedom means no more pain, no more bondage, no more tears.  Refuse to give up.  We always want to wrestle with God’s timetable because in our opinion God’s always wrong.  He doesn’t do things fast enough.  Refuse to give up

When Heather said Jesus put His hands on her shoulders and looked into her eyes.  Maybe you can’t relate to this until you become a parent but those were not eyes of “Hey!  How you doing?”  Those were eyes saying, “You are My child!  You are My creation and I want a relationship with you.”  

4.  Relax in God’s care.

God loves you more than you love yourself.  Relax in His care.  When you don’t know how to pray the Holy Spirit in your life, if you’re a Christian, prays for you.  You’re in the midst of pain and you don’t know exactly what to say, what formula should I pray?  You don’t have to.  God’s taking care of you right there.  

Romans 8:28 “We know that God causes everything [circle “everything”] to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”  

Everything?  Heather about to die and God causing good things?  You heard what her mom said, doctors saying, Yes, there is a God and nurses saying, “Tell me about your faith.”  Students of the Area Bible Study coming together saying this is what church is all about.  Sara last night said, “I don’t know why she was talking like that.  All I did was listen to God.”  Now all of a sudden other people are going to be different as a result of what happened to Heather.  All over the place.  

And you think, Can God make something good out of what happened in that Arkansas mess?  Yes, He can.  God can turn anything into gold.  Can He made something good out of that situation that’s happening in your house?  Yes, He can.  Can He make good out of you being bused as a child?  Yes, He can.  God can turn anything into gold.  

Never be afraid to trust an all-knowing God with an unknown future.

What does this have to do with confidence?  In the midst of pain we can still be confident.

5.  Rejoice that God is in control



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