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SERVICE CONTRACT ALPHA WARRANTY SERVICES, INC P.O. Box 593 „ Draper, Utah 84020 Phone 800-662-5519 „ Fax 801-571-8964

***EMERGENCY ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE*** Call toll-free 800-451-0459 (Only if applicable)

Seller_______________________________________________________ Phone ______________________________________________________ Customer ___________________________________________________ Address_____________________________________________________

Purchase Date________________________________________________ Lienholder ___________________________________________________ Year ________________________________________________________ Make _______________________________________________________

City, State & Zip




Phone ______________________________________________________ Service Contract Price _________________________________________ Vehicle Price ________________________________________________

VIN # _______________________________________________________ Mileage _____________________________________________________ Contract ID __________________________________________________

TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF ALPHA WARRANTY SERVICES CONTRACTS: This Agreement is effective as of the date and time it is received by Alpha Warranty Services on the condition that the completed and executed Agreement with payment by financing cash, credit card, or check is postmarked within five days of the purchase date. This Agreement terminates at the expiration of the day or miles agreed to or as of the date the Vehicle is sold, whichever occurs first. Minimum purchase price of $3,000 per Vehicle.

All customer claims must be made personally by the customer by calling 1-800-662-5519 before any diagnostics, repair, or replacement work is done on the Vehicle. It is expressly understood that the Obligor may wish to contact the purchaser before any authorization is given. On any approved claim(s), the purchaser shall pay the $100 deductible fee per repair visit, unless an optional deductible is chosen and the surcharge is paid or as stated otherwise under contract benefits.

For emergency claim reimbursement, fax a copy of the completed invoice to Alpha Warranty Services for review. You cannot rely on representations (oral or written) from anyone with respect to coverage under this service contract and must rely on the Terms and Conditions herein. This Contract is limited to covered failures that occur, and repairs that are made, within the United States of America or Canada.



5 Year/100K Power Train (1-2) Power Train Plus (1-6)

5 YEAR / 100,000 MILES

5 Year or 100,000 Miles POWER TRAIN PLUS

See Page 2 for Coverage Details

2 Yr. or 24K Miles

3 Yr. or 36K Miles

4 Yr. or 48K Miles

5 Yr. or 100K Miles

SURCHARGES: Diesels V-10 Engine

Turbo/Twin Turbo/Supercharger* 4WD/AWD Vehicles

Vehicles over 100,000 Miles One Ton Vehicles

DEDUCTIBLE $0 $50 $100



Lift Kit/Tire Modification

Commercial Use

30 Day/1000 Mile Pre-Existing Period (5 Yr/100K only)

Contract Benefits - $100 Deductible: PT Plus (unless applicable surcharge is applied) - $0 Deductible: Limited Power Train and 5 Yr/100K PT Labor Coverage: The labor required to repair or replace all parts covered under this service contract shall be as defined in the ALLDATA® software. Obligor will also cover diagnostic and/or teardown charges per approved claim, not to exceed diagnostic times listed in the ALLDATA® software (if not listed, up to $65). Rental Coverage: Obligor will cover 1 day of rental for the first 4 hours of covered labor and 1 day of rental for every 8 hours of covered labor thereafter (as defined in the ALLDATA® software). The vehicle must be retained overnight at the repair facility in order to qualify for rental coverage. Downtime waiting for parts or scheduling for service is not included. Obligor will reimburse purchaser up to $35 per day. The total rental coverage cannot exceed $175. Receipts will only be accepted from licensed rental car agencies. TRANSFER OF MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY The purchaser of this Agreement is responsible for the transfer and payment of applicable transfer fees to retain all manufacturer’s warranties available on Your Vehicle. Failure to transfer the manufacturer’s warranty can result in non-payment of Your claim where the manufacturer’s warranty would normally be in effect if transfer had been made. Alpha Warranty Services coverage begins at the end of the Manufacturer’s warranty.

Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Contract the Obligor agrees to pay for the replacement or repair of parts listed in the coverage set forth above, if those parts suffer a Mechanical Breakdown. Under no circumstances shall the Obligor be liable to the purchaser or any other person for any incidental or consequential damages, whether arising out of breach of any warranty, breach of contract, or otherwise; including but not limited to: time lost acquiring parts or scheduling repairs, inconvenience, quality of repair, poor workmanship, misdiagnosis, or Seller’s misrepresentation. Any misrepresentations from the Contract Holder will void this Agreement. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to You. This service contract gives You specific legal rights, and You may also have other rights that vary from state to state. THIS IS NOT AN INSURANCE POLICY. You understand the purchase of this coverage is not required to obtain financing for this Vehicle. Any modification, alteration, or change to the preprinted terms and conditions of this contract is invalid and of no force or effect.

The parties acknowledge that this contract is between the Obligor and the purchaser named above. The seller named above is responsible to send payment to the Obligor and a copy of the contract to put the service contract into effect. It is further acknowledged by the parties that the seller has no authority to amend or otherwise modify the terms of this Agreement. The purchaser acknowledges that at the time of signing this service contract he or she has inspected the Vehicle and that it is in good working order. YOUR SIGNATURE ACKNOWLEDGES THAT YOU HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND, AND AGREE TO ALL THE TERMS SET FORTH THROUGHOUT THIS SERVICE CONTRACT.

_____________________________________________________ Seller’s signature

_______________________________________________________ Purchaser’s acceptance of the above terms

Alpha Warranty Services, Inc

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