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management and external strategies (e.g. pricing, product offering, raising capital) of such financial reporting, and if any disclosure is made it would be extremely subjective, of doubtful value in improving transparency, and should be in notes/supplementary disclosures not in the primary financial statements. A particular concern was the acceleration of profit emergence under fair value models.

Our overall review comment: Unfortunately it is hard to interpret the significance of these survey results. In particular the authors refer (at p. 33) to the increasing number of European life insurers who are making use of embedded value based methodologies and to the improvements now agreed by the CFO Forum in the ‘EEV’ principles (as we discuss in section 6a) above). No reconciliation/explanation is given of the companies’ apparently inconsistent attitudes (e.g. by explaining how ‘fair value’ is thought to differ from ‘EEV’).

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