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  • Compatible with EZ Test Desktop tests you’ve already created.

  • Sharing tests with colleagues, adjuncts, TAs is easy.

Online Test Management

  • Set availability dates and time limits for your quiz or test.

  • Control how your test will be presented.

  • Assign points by question or question type with drop down menu.

  • Provide immediate feedback to students or delay until all finish the test.

  • Create practice tests online to enable student mastery.

  • Your roster can be uploaded to enable student self-registration.

Online Scoring and Reporting

  • Automated scoring for most of EZ Test’s numerous question types.

  • Allows manual scoring for essay and other open-response questions.

  • Manual rescoring and feedback is also available.

  • EZ Test’s grade book is designed to easily export to your grade book.

  • View basic statistical reports.

Support and Help

  • User’s Guide and built-in page-specific help.

  • Flash tutorials for getting started on the support site.

  • Support Website—www.mhhe.com/eztest.

  • Product specialist available at 1-800-331-5094.

  • Online Training: http://auth.mhhe.com/mpss/workshops/.

Personal Response Systems

Personal Response Systems (“Clickers”) can bring interactivity into the classroom or lecture hall. Wireless response systems give the instructor and students immediate feedback from the entire class. Wireless response pads are essentially remotes that are easy to use and engage students, allowing instructors to motivate student preparation, interactivity, and active learning. Instructors receive immediate feedback to assess which concepts students understand. Questions covering the content of The Physical Universe text and formatted in PowerPoint are available on The Physical Universe website.

“I require students to use eInstruction’s remotes. I use the remotes to measure whether students have mastered some of the important concepts. . . . I find them very useful—they give me immediate feedback—they allow daily attendance to be taken quickly and rather painlessly.”

  • Robert J. Backes, Pittsburg State University

“I use the website materials to prepare all my lectures in PowerPoint, since I develop my lectures to my liking. All tests are prepared using the test bank provided by the publisher. . . . These materials have tremendously lightened my workload. I haven’t had to re-invent the wheel so to speak. I can change my exams every semester and shuffle my answers from class to class. Well done.”

  • Colley Baldwin, Medgar Evers College, CUNY

Student Study Guide

Another helpful resource can be found in The Physical Universe Student Study Guide. With this study guide, students will maximize their use of The Physical Universe text package. It supplements the text with additional, self- directed activities and complements the text by focusing on the important concepts, theories, facts, and processes presented by the authors. Questions and Interactive Problems from the Student Study Guide are also assignable in ConnectPlus in an auto-gradable format.

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