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Mistake 2: Reluctance to Get Commitment

This is the activity that takes the least amount of skill to execute, but yet is the hardest for many people to actually perform: Asking for the sale or asking for commitment to take action.

Even if prospects are leaning in your favor, they might not volunteer the action you want unless you make it easy by inviting them to do business with you. I’ve seen a lot of money left on the table, and hours wasted on unproductive follow-up calls, both a result of not asking for the business, or at least asking for some commitment from the prospect.

Action Step: Build the asking habit. There’s no secret or magic here. No hocus- pocus phrase that guarantees they’ll say “yes” to your offer. No offensive closing technique with a warlike title like the “Blitzkrieg Close.”

Very simply, if you want to get different results, you have to change your routine. If you’re not asking for commitment or for the sale as often as you should, you need to analyze why, and then make the change.

If your problem is rejection sensitivity, modify the way you define rejection. Don’t look at no’s as rejection; look at no’s as learning experiences that move you closer to a yes. Begin in all areas of your life. Get out of your comfort zone and ask for more of what you want. Better tables in restaurants, discounts on merchandise, whatever . . . just do it! And on the phone, ask for the sale more often. When someone is going to “talk it over,” ask if they’re going to recommend it. If they try to put you off by saying they’ll “think about it” and call you later, ask them what the chances are they’ll buy. Sure you’ll get more “no’s.” But the positive answers you’ll get save you time, and result in more business. Plus it will build the closing behavior.

OK, Drum roll please. The biggest mistake I see and hear sales reps make on the phone is . . .

Special Report: The Top 10 Mistakes Made By Salespeople When Using The Phone, And What You Can Do To Avoid These Errors


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