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Mistake 1: Opening Statements That Build Resistance, Not Interest

Within the first 15 seconds, you create one of two emotions within the person you’re speaking to: Resistance or interest.

Nothing else.

Unfortunately, most callers create resistance. And that results in what they perceive as morale-killing rejection, along with an early exit from the phone call.

They start with an uninspiring line like,

“We sell _________ and I’d like to talk to you about them.”

The listener then justifiably thinks, “So what? Why should I listen?”

Here’s another sure resistance-builder.

“I sent you a letter and was wondering if you got it?”

So what if they did? What are they supposed to say? “Oh yes! Glad you called. I was just sitting here thinking that I should buy from you!”

Yeah, right.

What SHOULD you say during an opening to evoke interest? Here’s the simple three-step success formula.

  • 1.

    Introduce yourself and organization.

  • 2.

    Most importantly, state an interest-stimulating, curiosity-piquing benefit

that appeals to their desire to gain, or avoid loss, and,

3. Get them involved in a conversation. Remember, you want to do more listening than talking. Tell them that in order to deliver the potential benefit you alluded to, you need to get information. Here are examples,

“I’m Dan Fleming with Graphics Industries. We specialize in working with retailers in lowering overall advertising expenses while generating more store traffic. I’ve got a few ideas I’d like to discuss to see if this would be of any value to you and your company . . .”


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