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“This is Karen Hamilton with Canton Supply. The reason I’m call-ing is that there’s the possibility we might be able to help you cut down on your expenses for the exact same cleaning items you’re now buying. To determine this, I’d like to find out what you’re using . . . “

If you asked questions of the screener as we mentioned earlier, and received good information, you could use that in your opener to personalize it even more.

“Ms. Davis, I’m Paul Cooper with Public Engineering. I under-stand that your division is now looking at upgrading your finishing process on ultramagnetic components. We have a process that has worked well for other manufacturers, and, depending on your requirements, might be something that would fit in nicely with your system . . .”

Your calls to regular customers must have a grabbing opener also. Every time you call, without exception, have a Value Added Point. It’s anything that allows them to feel they’ve gained by simply talking to you. It can be good news, useful information, notification of a sale, ideas you have . . . anything they will perceive as useful.

“Sandra, it’s Linda with Dino Services. I was studying what you’ve been buying from us over the past two years, and I’ve got an idea here for a program that might just make your job a little easier . “

You could also use,

“I heard some interesting information, and you came to mind as someone who could really profit from it . . .”

The real test to be sure you have a winning opener is to put yourself in the position of the person hearing it. Ask yourself if you would want to hear more if you were the buyer. Would you set aside whatever you were doing and willingly participate in the call? If not, go back to the drawing board before you fail the quiz with a real prospect.

And, be sure your opener says as much as possible, with as few words as possible. ONLY by appealing to their desire to gain, or fear of losing something, will you cause them to spend productive time with you, and eventually buy from you.

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