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Based on observing, listening to, receiving, and placing thousands of sales calls, I’ve put together my list of the Top 10 Errors Made by Salespeople When Using the Phone. The list details the most heinous, avoidable errors sales reps commit every day…miscues that sabotage their sales efforts.

Read through the errors and then pay particular attention to Action Steps. This is what you can do to avoid the errors. Follow the advice, and I know you’ll be more effective.

Here are the mistakes, starting from Number Ten, working toward the top.

Mistake 10: Sending Unnecessary Literature

One of the best stalling techniques ever used by prospects (or more usually, non prospects) is, “Send me information on that.” And they use it for a good reason. It works.

Every day this phrase chases sales rep off the phone, and sends them scrambling for the literature rack, tossing fistfuls of shiny brochures into oversized envelopes, convinced (mistakenly) that “I’ve got a hot one here.” Perhaps you’ve fallen victim to this yourself. In my early days I know I did.

But this balloon of anticipation quickly deflates when the sales rep calls back, hearing, “uh, I didn’t have a chance to read that yet.” And the cycle continues.

Don’t mistake “Send me literature” for a legitimate sign of interest-yet. And don’t be fooled into thinking literature does your selling. Don’t even be so presumptuous as to believe they will read your literature. Printed materials can be a fine complement to your sales effort. Emphasis on the word “complement” YOU still need to generate interest to the point where they deserve literature. Otherwise you’re wasting valuable selling time.

Action Steps: When you get the “send literature” request, be certain the person is a legitimate buyer, and not someone trying to get rid of you. It’s better to get the “no” now, rather than later, after you’ve already invested a few dollars worth of paper and postage, and lots of your precious time. If you hear the request early in the call, I suggest you respond with,

“I’ll be happy to send something that summarizes what we discussed. Let me ask you, though, if you like what you see, I’m assuming we’ll be able to do business together?”

Special Report: The Top 10 Mistakes Made By Salespeople When Using The Phone, And What You Can Do To Avoid These Errors


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