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Mistake 7: Lousy Listening

Success on the phone does not mean dominating the conversation. Oh sure, you’ve likely heard such wisdom about listening before. It makes sense. But based on national averages, few people actually practice it. Listening experts say that most of us listen with only 30%-50% efficiency.

I don’t know what causes salespeople to turn on the verbal waterfall once they get a moment of opportunity to speak. Fact is, the other person’s desire to listen to you is in inverse proportion to the amount of speaking you do. Talk a lot, and their interest wanes. As does their desire to participate in the conversation diminishes the more you talk. They get bored. Plus, the more you talk, the greater the possibility you’ll mention things they can object to.

Action Steps: Everyone knows how to listen. Technique is not the problem. The key is selling yourself on WHY you need to listen. It’s the same with any activity. If your desire to do something is strong enough, you’ll get it done. Therefore, when you find yourself taking a mental vacation during calls, ask yourself a question:

“Why do I need to listen to this person?”

The answer tends to snap you back to the proper perspective as you answer,

“Because what this person says will tell me exactly what I need to say in order to help them buy, therefore putting more money in my pocket.”

Have your purpose in mind before and during every conversation.

Mistake 6: Screener Misuse And Abuse

I’ve heard sales reps refer to the screener as the bulldog, the iron gate maiden, the rejectionist, and other equally unflattering monikers. No wonder these callers have difficulty getting to buyers. They experience exactly what they expect: resistance, frustrating penetrating questions, and downright humiliation. That’s because the callers use strong-arm tactics to try to go through, around, above, or under the screener. Basic psychology tells you that the more someone is pushed, the harder they resist.

Action Steps: To get to your buyers, all you need to do is help screeners do their job, which is protect the buyer’s time so that only callers with something of value are allowed to spend time with the boss. Therefore, you need

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