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to be sure you have a Justification Statement prepared in response to “What’s this in reference to?” It’s here that you sell the screener on putting you through. And you thought you were calling to qualify them? The screener is qualifying YOU! And based on your Justification Statement, they decide whether or not you warrant an audience with the buyer. So, be ready to explain results and benefits that you bring to the table. Do NOT say,

“We sell _____________, and I want to talk to him/her about it.”

That normally elicits a response like, “We’re happy with who we’re buying from” Instead, say something like,

“I have some ideas that have helped other retailers in your industry cut down on their advertising expenses while generating more store traffic. I’d like to ask Mr./Ms. Bigg a few questions to see if this would make sense for you to take a look at.”

Get Information From the Screener Also, whenever you’re prospecting, you should ask questions before you get to the decision maker so you’re better-prepared when you do ultimately reach him or her.

Every piece of qualifying information you need on calls could potentially be gathered from others in your prospect’s organization. Switchboard operators, screeners, worker bees, and others in the decision maker’s department, people who actually USE what you sell . . . all can provide valuable insight—information that gains instant respect, and creates interest in the mind of the buyer.

You could say,

“You probably work closely with Ms. Bigg, is that right?”

Then begin your questioning:

“So I’m better prepared when I speak with her, there’s some information you could help me with first . . .”

(If you’d like more info on this topic, look at my ‘Getting Through to Buyers, While the Others are Screened Out,’ video program, http://www.businessbyphone.com/gttb.htm)

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