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“Do you ever need next-day delivery on orders you realize you need to place later in the day?”

“What do you do in situations like that?”

“What happens when you need it the next day, but have to wait for two days? What kind of inconvenience does that cause?”

You can see in this situation, if the questions uncovered the need/problem, the “benefit” would then truly be of value.

Mistake 4: Poor Preparation

Consider if an airline pilot got on the intercom just after takeoff and said, “Ladies and gentlemen thank you for flying with us today. We’re going to fly somewhere, I’m just not sure exactly where, but I hope it’s the right place.”

Absurd, right? Sure.

Now consider another scenario. A sales rep plops down in the chair, flips on the computer or pulls out prospect names, while at the same time dials the first number. If you’d ask him/her what’s to be accomplished on the call, you’d hear a vague response about a sale, appointment, lead, and so on. But that caller wouldn’t be able to tell you any more about how he/she planned on getting there than the hypothetical pilot could about reaching his destination.

Poor preparation ensures a sloppy, rambling call that’s like a kite without a tail, whipping in the wind, wildly changing directions.

On the other hand, you can and should choreograph your call before you place it. Just like Jean Claude-Killy said about ski racing,

“The outcome is determined by the time the racer is in the gate,” the result of your call is also determined before you pick up the phone.

Action Step: The most important step in a successful call is the first one: setting your Primary Objective. I define this as looking at where you are, and determining where you want to be at the end of the call. More specifically, ask yourself what you want to do at the end of the cal, and what should they do at the end of the call. The objective must involve ACTION. If nobody’s doing any- thing, you’re no better off after the call than you were before. And after you’ve set your objective according to this definition you simply fill in the

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