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blanks with what needs to happen for you to travel from point A to point B. You’ll realize what information you’ll need, and the information you’ll want to present based on those needs.

Mistake 3: Misunderstand Objections

Before I go into companies and deliver sales training programs I always ask managers the areas they feel their reps need the most assistance. When they say, “We need the most work on overcoming objections,” I’m in for a lot of work. The reason is, more objections are caused by sales reps than by any other factor. People object when reps don’t question effectively, when they talk too much, (sounds like a couple of our earlier Top 10 Mistakes) and basically present features the person isn’t excited about. Then when objections are voiced, these same reps feel as if they need to access their “objections flip chart” and retort with a slick, prepared objection rebuttal which will instantly win over the objector.

Fat chance.

Action Step: The best way to deal with objections is to prevent them from arising in the first place.

Ensure you have a fit before making a presentation. However, when objections do arise, the only way to professionally address them is to dig for the reasons behind them. Only then can you begin to understand it, and then perhaps answer it. I said perhaps, because there isn’t an answer for every real objection, despite what some sales evangelists preach. Personally, my favorite response to an objection is,

“I see. Well, let’s talk about that.”

This lets the person know I won’t pounce on them for their beliefs, but I do intend on sincerely discussing it with them. I suggest you do the same, and then question to figure out why they said what they did. You find that this is a painless, non adversarial way to deal with objections.

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