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3.1  SEWAGE DISPOSAL.  A septic tank and proper drain field, in accordance with the standards of the Health Department of the State of Georgia and Fannin County, Georgia, shall be used for sewage disposal for houses constructed in said subdivisions.

3.2  TEMPORARY STRUCTURES.  No structure of a temporary character, such as a basement, trailer, lean‑to, tent, shack, garage, barn or other outbuilding will be used on a lot at any time as a residence on a permanent basis. (Provided that this paragraph shall not be deemed or construed to prevent the use of temporary construction, shed, or trailer during the period of actual construction of any residential structure on such property, or the use of adequate sanitary toilet facilities for workmen which may be provided during such construction).  No outbuilding, garage, shed, trailer or temporary building of any kind shall be constructed prior to commencement of the erection of a residence.

3.4  MANUFACTURED HOME OR MOBILE HOME.  No manufactured home or mobile home of any type will be used or located on any lot at any time as a residence either temporarily or permanently.

3.5  RESIDENTIAL USE.  All lots shall be used as a single, family, private, residential dwelling and for no other purpose;  One single family residence per lot.  No residence may be used as a school, church, kindergarten, or business of any type.  Home based businesses are allowed if totally inconspicuous to the neighborhood.

When the construction of any building is once begun, work thereon must proceed diligently and must be completed on the outside within twelve (12) months from the start thereof and totally completed within eighteen (18) months.

3.6 CLOTHESLINES.  No clotheslines or outside drying area shall be located on any lot unless screened in such a manner as to be concealed by fencing and/or landscaping.

3.7 INSURANCE.  No owner shall permit or suffer anything to be done or kept within or upon his lot, or make any use of the Property, which will increase the rate of insurance of any portion of the Property.

3.8  GARBAGE AND TRASH CONTAINERS.  No lot shall be used or maintained as a a dumping ground for rubbish, trash, or other waste.  All trash, garbage and other waste shall be kept in sanitary containers except as required during trash collection.

3.9  PETS.  No animals, livestock, cattle, horses, goats or poultry (chickens, ducks, turkeys) shall be raised, bred or maintained on any subdivision lot, except that dogs, cats, or other ordinary household pets may be kept, provided that they are not kept, bred, or maintained for commercial purposes.  All household pets shall be restrained and/or kept on a leash under control of a responsible person at all times when a pet is outside of a unit.  At no time shall a pet be allowed to enter upon any other Lot other than the Lot on which the pet is kept except with the consent of the Lot Owner.

3.10  RECREATIONAL VEHICLES.  No recreational vehicle shall be used on a lot as a temporary residence, nor shall recreational vehicles be parked on common access roads within the development.

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