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4.3  BUILDING CONTROL.  Exterior shall be of cottage style and all exterior finishes and elevations must be approved by S & W Developers, Inc. its successors and assigns.  Exterior finish must be of permanent type such as masonite, wood siding, and other architecturally compatible dwelling material. The exterior finish on the siding shall be a material and color that blends with the surroundings and be rustic in nature.. No structure of any type will be placed upon those portions of the property reserved for utilities for drainage of pipe easements for White Oak Ponds Owners' ingress and egress, nor will the roadway be obstructed, blocked, or modified in any way not clearly in the White Oak Ponds Owners’ interest.  All construction should comply with local and state building codes.

There shall be no flat roofs on homes.  Flat roofs are permitted over porch and deck areas.       Metal roofs are permitted only if metal is covered with permanent enamel or vinyl type coating. The exception being, if for rustic appearance, the roof is allowed to rust, but must be approved by S & W Developers, Inc. its successors and assigns.

Any swimming pool to be constructed shall be a permanent, in‑ground structure.

Air conditioning units shall be properly screened from general view.  

All block construction in chimneys, foundations, etc. must be covered with stucco, rock or other    finish to be approved by S & W Developers, Inc. its successors and assigns.

4.4 DETACHED DWELLINGS. Each owner will be authorized to construct one detached non dwelling on a lot for the purpose of garage or storage.  The roof and exterior of any detached building must be located within thirty feet of the dwelling.  Any non detached building can not exceed 600 square feet in size, as measured from outside wall to outside wall.  Any detached dwelling shall be of the same architectural style and materials as the house structure and shall be approved by S & W Developers, Inc., its successors and assigns.


4.5  DRIVEWAYS.  Driveways may connect to the private road(s) within the subdivision at two points and such connections shall provide continuity of the drainage system and shall blend into the road(s) pavement.  Driveways shall be connected to the private road(s) within the development only and shall not be pulled from or any manner connected to the Old Public Road, which is also known as the old Ellijay Highway.

4.6  BUILDINGS LOCATION.  No building or other structure shall be located on any lot nearer than twenty (20) feet from the right of way of the roads in White Oak Ponds Subdivision.  No building or other structure shall be located nearer than twenty (20) feet to an inside lot line.  

4.7  UTILITY LINES.  All utility lines (including electrical, telephone, and cable TV lines) shall be placed underground or if overhead shall be positioned so as to not obstruct or impair the view from any surrounding lots.

4.8  SATELLITE DISHES.  Satellite dishes twenty four (24) inches or less in diameter are permitted.

4.9  SIGNS.  No signs of any type shall be displayed to public view on any portion of said property except one sign advertising the property for sale, or a temporary builder sign.  All such signs shall be professionally lettered and neatly installed.

4.10  PROPERTY APPEARANCE.  The owner of each lot (whether vacant or occupied) in the Subdivision shall maintain the lot in a neat and attractive condition.

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