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The project must include a substantial element of primary research -- meaning original research formulated and conducted specifically for the problem being studied. This will require gathering primary data, usually but not necessarily a survey, rather than relying solely on secondary data (data already in existence from other sources). Secondary data is an excellent supplement to primary data, especially in the early stages.

In DBA800 and 802, students gain experience in using online and database sources for their scholarly research. Students are encouraged to continue that avenue and to expand their skills in that regard.

Each member of the project team must participate in a meaningful way in the conduct of the work. Each member must present a part of the report during the presentation to the class.

Stages The project will have seven steps overall:

  • 1.

    First is the proposal*. Some of the individual topics that originated in DBA800 or 802 may be suitable to pursue further in 801; an update to the proposal will be appropriate. Topics that are new will require a fresh proposal.

  • 2.

    Second, students choose which of the topics to pursue, and how to associate into teams.

  • 3.

    Third, a 6- to 8-page preliminary research design** paper. In addition to focusing on its own project, each team will also serve as a “coach” for another team, and will provide a constructive critique to help improve the design.

  • 4.

    The fourth step is to prepare a final research design***, which is to include very specific research questions (and hypotheses if appropriate), a detailed data collection instrument (e.g. questionnaire), and a data analysis plan that spells out how the research questions will be answered by analyzing the data specified in the data collection instrument.

  • 5.

    The fifth step is data collection, i.e. to carry out the research design – sampling, administering the data instrument, capturing the data and data entry.

  • 6.

    The sixth step is the analysis of the data and the formulation of findings and conclusions.

  • 7.

    The seventh and final step is the preparation of the final paper and an in-class presentation, which will be due on the last meeting of DBA801.

*Proposal 1 or 2 paragraphs 1 paragraph

**Preliminary Design Somewhat expanded 1 or 2 paragraphs

Basic Preliminary Primary research

Expanded Refined Primary and secondary questions stated

question stated

Short paragraph Not needed Brief

Thorough Preliminary Refined

1-3 pages -

3-5 pages -

DBA801 -- Quantitative Research Methods -- Curtis -- Summer 2008 -- Page 10

***Final Design Expanded further 1 or 2 paragraphs

Expanded further Final Primary and secondary questions stated Thorough Final Final

5-8 pages 5%

Scope of Proposal and Preliminary and Final

Section Overview of the topic Motivation for the research Literature review Research purpose Research questions

Methodology Hypotheses Anticipated usefulness of results Approximate length Grading weight

Research Designs

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