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Results of hypothesis testing Supplemental analysis & findings Conclusions & Recommendations Appendices Questionnaire, visual aids for interviewing, sampling data Key tables of quantitative results & other information if and as needed

Report Due:

Week 16 (last meeting of class)

Weight in grading: 10 % of course grade

In-Class Project Presentation

The presentation of your findings is an important part of the project – please do it justice. It will significantly influence the grade for the project.

Time. On the assumption that we will have six teams, there will be enough time for about 25 minutes for each team to present. You should allow for about five minutes of questions, which leaves 20 minutes for the presentation proper. Please rehearse your presentations ahead of time to make sure you can do it in the allotted time. Experience shows that presentations tend to take a little longer in their final form than in rehearsal.

If one or more teams have completed their project earlier than week 15, they may present in a prior week; that will make more time available.

It may seem that twenty minutes is not enough to do justice to the full project. But if you have your material well-planned and rehearsed, you can do a good job in that time. When you present academic papers in the future, you will seldom have more than this much time, often less. Some things that will damage your ability to get the job done in the time are logistical complexities like bulky show-and tell items, product demonstrations, complex presentation technologies, etc.

Another time-sink is the unplanned free-lance improvisation by one or more team members. Avoid this. A related problem is the presenter who has not thought through carefully what he or she is going to say. This leads to pauses and slow delivery.

Participation. Each member of the team must take a part in the presentation. This has the potential to lead to discontinuities and time-consuming transitions. Therefore, please plan and rehearse the transitions from one presenter to the next.

Audio-visual. An LCD projector and computer are built into our classroom (3205). If you need other visual aids (e.g. video, slide projector), either arrange for them yourselves or give plenty of lead time (three weeks) if you need assistance. Given the time constraints, it makes sense to keep the presentations streamlined. It is recommended that you stick to the overhead projector or LCD projector and laptop.

Materials. Please have a copy of your presentation materials to give to me before your presentation. It is not necessary to distribute copies of your presentation material to the whole class but you may do so if

you wish. Presentation:

Week 16 (last meeting of class) or possibly week 15

Weight in grading: 5 % of course grade

DBA801 -- Quantitative Research Methods -- Curtis -- Summer 2008 -- Page 13

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