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Requirements for the Course

  • 1.

    Research Project. Each student will, preferably as a member of a team of two or three students, carry out a full-fledged research project, which will be the focal point of the course. See below for more details.

  • 2.

    Individual Assignments. There will be eight individual assignments: three data analysis assignments; three assignments requiring a summary or critique of articles; a research design assignment; and a critique of another team’s research design. See below for more details.

  • 3.

    Statistical Methods and Statistical Software. A substantial part of the course will be devoted to the use of statistical methods for analysis of research data, including the use of statistical software. It is assumed that all students have previously taken a course or courses equivalent to Math 240, which is a prerequisite for this course. Various acceptable statistics books are available at the GGU bookstore or at Stacey's. The software that will be used in this course is SPSS. SPSS is one of the more powerful statistical systems available and provides a complete computing system for handling most computational needs you are likely to encounter in the analysis of research data. SPSS should serve well for those who anticipate undertaking quantitative analysis in their dissertations. The PC software is available for sale in the GGU bookstore. The latest version is 15.0, but 14.0 will suffice as well. Mac SPSS can be ordered through SPSS.com.

  • 4.

    Class Participation. Students will be expected to contribute to the class learning experience by participation in class discussions. This will require doing the assigned reading in advance. Each student will be asked to provide an important element of the class content by bringing articles for discussion, by reading and discussing material posted by other students, and by other contributions.

Individual Assignments : Data analysis assignments (3) Research design assignment Article critiques & summaries Critique of another team’s design

35% 10% 15% 5%

Team Assignment -- Research project:


Class Participation including Cyber participation

15% ____




Audio-Visual and Web Support

Audio-Visual. There will be an LCD projector and computer with internet access available in every session for our use. Students will not use their own laptops for presentations; rather, you will post your presentations to the CyberCampus site, and will access them from the classroom via the internet.

CyberCampus. We will have a CyberCampus site for our use. It will be an integral part of the course, in the following ways:

  • -

    Assignments and data sets will be posted there

  • -

    Students’ completed assignments will be turned in at the Dropbox on the site.

DBA801 -- Quantitative Research Methods -- Curtis -- Summer 2008 -- Page 3

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