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Research Design Assignment

This assignment is to take a realistic research situation, which will be provided, and create a research design for it.

Focus on Specific Quantitative Analytical Techniques

Early in the term, each student will identify an area of study (within marketing, management, finance, public administration, etc.) and will scan recent issues of an appropriate journal for articles that utilize quantitative methods within that field. This will help the student gain a grasp of the methodologies most in use in his or her area of interest.

Later in the term, during weeks 11 through 14, each student will make an individual presentation to the class on one specific specialized analytical technique, with some collaboration and coaching from me. The student’s presentation will include a review of a published article using the technique, AND the results of analysis done by the student using the technique. This technique may be one of the topics covered in the Hair et al book, but could be something else.

The student can identify this technique either by finding an interesting journal article that utilizes the technique, then using the technique hands-on with a data of his or her choosing; or by first picking the technique then searching for an article and a dataset to analyze. Depending on the number of students in the class, there may be three or four presentations per evening. These presentations will be about 30 minutes in duration and will include the following:

  • -

    A very brief overview (not a lecture) of the technique, its logic, and the kinds of problems it is typically used for.

  • -

    A summary and critique of a journal article that utilizes the chosen technique, with an illustration of how the technique was applied. This will count as the third article critique in the course grading.

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    Presentation of the results of the analysis of a data set using the technique. There are many data sets available for internet download in a variety of subject areas; it will be the student’s responsibility to acquire such a data set. The presentation should cover the problem context, the data and their definitions, the formulation used, explanation and demonstration of the SPSS (or other software) routine used, the statistical results, and the interpretation. This will count as the third data analysis assignment in the course grading.

Some of the techniques are so fundamental that we will spend substantial class time on them as a group: correlation, cross-tabulation, ANOVA, simple regression, multiple regression, and factor analysis. Thus, those techniques should not be chosen for your specialized-technique presentations.

Here are some of the techniques to choose from:

  • -

    General Linear Model. GLM incorporates both multiple regression using scaled independent variables and analysis of variance using categorical independent variables. We will cover this in class, but the technique is so powerful and useful that students may choose it for this assignment as well - but not all of you, please.

  • -

    Time series analysis (especially relevant for finance or operations management students – not in Hair)

  • -

    Path analysis (not in Hair explicitly; part of SEM, Ch. 10) and/or * structured equation modeling (Hair 10, 11); software = AMOS, included in the Graduate Pack edition of SPSS.

  • -

    Multidimensional scaling (Hair 9)

  • -

    Logistic regression and discriminant analysis (Hair 5)

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