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    Multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA – Hair 6)

  • -

    Cluster analysis (Hair 8)

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    Conjoint analysis (Hair 7)

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    Tree-based techniques: CART, CHAID, neural network analysis (not in Hair)

Other techniques, or combinations of techniques, may be appropriate as well.

If two or more students wish to focus on the same technique, we will work out ahead of time a way of dividing it up into two or more presentations, rather than duplicating coverage.


Survey of articles in a journal. Choose a scholarly journal in your area of interest that often includes articles with quantitative analysis (thus avoid journals like Harvard Business Review or California Management Review that only occasionally have some quantitative content). Examine every article in at least the last three issues (more if necessary) of that journal and determine what quantitative methods were used in the authors’ analysis. For example, a marketing article may use t-tests to determine significant differences of attitude between target segments and factor analysis to investigate underlying attitudinal dimensions. You must find at least three articles explicitly reporting on quantitative work, preferably more than three. If you don’t find at least three, look at more issues of the journal if necessary, or find a different journal.

Provide a summary of your review to provide a picture of the quantitative methods currently in use by researchers in your field and for what purposes. Include a commentary. You may not be able to follow all the technical material, and you don’t need to critique the articles; but that shouldn’t prevent you from figuring what method they’re using and why.

The purpose of this assignment is to assure that you are familiar with at least one of the journals in your field of interest, and the kinds of quantitative analysis used by scholars in your field of interest. If you have not yet chosen a “field of interest”, this assignment will give you a reason to explore one or more areas.

Your written report, to be submitted at the drop-box of our Cyber site, should provide the following:

  • 1.

    Name of journal

  • 2.

    Tables of contents of the reviewed journal issues (you will probably be doing your search online, so capturing the page with the table of contents should not be difficult. One way is to shrink your window to include mostly the TofC, then press “Print Screen” while holding down “Alt”. That puts it on the clipboard; then you can paste into a Word document).

  • 3.

    Indicate which articles contain quantitative research

  • 4.

    Brief explanation (short paragraph) of each of those articles

    • a.

      Brief overview

    • b.

      What methods of analysis used

    • c.

      How the method helped to achieve objectives of the article

Article critiques. There will be three of these. One of an article the instructor will supply; another to be chose by the student; and a final one as a part of the “specialized-technique” assignment. These are to be one or two pages, depending on the assignment, with no fixed format. The primary resource for

DBA801 -- Quantitative Research Methods -- Curtis -- Summer 2008 -- Page 6

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