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Research Project


The research project will be the focal point of DBA801. It is intended that students will apply most of the topic areas of the class in the conduct of the project:

  • 1.

    Assessment of the business or academic opportunity and the research purpose

  • 2.

    Formulating the research objectives

  • 3.

    Design of survey or other information-gathering process

  • 4.


  • 5.

    Design of questionnaire or other instrument

  • 6.

    Validity and reliability concerns

  • 7.


  • 8.

    Interviewing or other data gathering

  • 9.

    Data editing & tabulation

  • 10.

    Data analysis

  • 11.

    Conclusions for business policy or academic contribution


Some project topics may carry over from DBA800 or 802 or both. The topic should be a "real" one, in the sense that it deals either with (1) a traditional scholarly topic with academic substance, or (2) an applied problem, opportunity, or issue in a real business, public sector organization, or other organization or activity. If the topic is primarily applied, the project must nevertheless, like a good DBA dissertation, have academic value; i.e. there must be some contribution to a framework of theory. Both academic and applied projects should include good coverage of the relevant academic literature.


In both DBA800 and 802, students individually formulate a research proposal and/or carry out a qualitative research project. It is expected that the members of the class will discuss their individual research topics and will choose the most appropriate from among them to work on during 801; or, an entirely new topic may surface.

Projects undertaken in teams are preferred. The maximum team size is four; three is preferred. Teams will be formed through voluntary association among students. If there are students who are unable to link up with others, I can facilitate the formation of teams.

Solo projects are less desirable for two reasons. Firstly, your learning will be enhanced by working with others. Secondly, the project will be a lot of work for one person to do. However, if a student is strongly committed to a particular topic and there is no other student who wishes to work on it, or if corporate confidentiality precludes a collaborator, an individual project may be acceptable.

One of the responsibilities of each student is to act as “coach” to another team to assist them in improving their research design. To this end, the research designs will be posted on our CyberCampus site where other students can see them.

DBA801 -- Quantitative Research Methods -- Curtis -- Summer 2008 -- Page 9

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