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6/12 Mike Warren #1002 (Tacoma, Washington): It’s about time the brother of Maniac #2 joined the Maniac clan. Mike has been running marathons for a few years now but must’ve felt some peer pressure from Hollywood to become the 4th brother act in the Maniacs, but of course had nothing to fear as his biceps are so much bigger than #2’s! By completing the Seafair Marathon, Mike is a Bronze level member with his streak of 3 in 2 months.

6/12 Katie Wargula #1003 (Chicago, Illinois): While running the Country Music Marathon, Katie happened to come across one of the Maniacs whom must have done a good job of convincing her that she was close to becoming “Insane” with just one more marathon to qualify for Bronze. That momentous day came with her completion of the Madison Marathon, and coupled with St. Louis and Country Music, provides her best streak of 3 marathons in 7 weeks. Katie has travelled a bit in her marathon adventures, having completed the Dublin, Honolulu and Florence Marathons.

Mike Warren (left) with Hollywood

Katie Wargula

Leslye Bass Johnson

6/14 Leslye Bass Johnson #1004 (New Orleans, Louisiana): Having met some of the Maniacs at the Mississippi Blues Marathon, Leslye decided to become “normal” and join the ranks of the Insane. Her Bronze qualifier consisted of marathons in consecutive weekends.

6/14 Stephanie Zehr #1005(Sarasota, Florida): Stephanie is definitely marathon obsessed. She ran her first one in October 2006 (Marine Corps) and 20 months later has completed 12 in 6 states. Her best hardcore streak is 6 marathons in 6 months, thus earning her the 2-star Silver status. But a little bit of history. The recent flux of Florida Maniacs was a result of “leader” Mary Lenari discovering the Marathon Maniacs while running a marathon in Washington this spring. After Mary became a member, she quickly urged other Floridians from the greater Sarasota area to apply for membership. So instead of a quest for the fifty states, its now how fast can you move up to the next level. While “Mother Mary” is going for Ruthenium by running a marathon each month in a different state, a few of the other Floridians in their club tags along in support of her goal. So while Stephanie would like to become Ruthenium someday, it will have to wait


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