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Hiya Steve-Oh! I mean, Dear Mr. Presidente:

MAN!, Stevie, you did five marathons AND three ultra-marathons in the first five months of this year? Holy cow! That was some schedule!

But, inasmuch as this is Steve Yee of whom we speak, the next rational thought I have (using “rational” here would not fit, from some perspectives) is, “gee, Steve must be recovering from injuries.”

Eight mega-races in five months and I KNOW the guy is recovering from PRIOR injuries?

Yup. Welcome to Marathonmaniacs, where each feat is fiddlesticks compared to the next feat you’ll find. Read the club bulletin board, or the interviews link-listed on the homepage, and one’s head starts to tilt in the “is that possible?” way.

I read, and I get all re-hopeful-ized! MiniManiacs (rayyy!!!!) love being in the same club as these All-Stars, and we dream dreams of running “with” them, and so we set new goals!

  • 1)

    Run 100 yards fast,time it, call it a day, then do that again tomorrow. Then the third and fourth days match that pace for 105 yards, then the fifth and sixth days for 110 yards, etc.! In 18 weeks I’ll be ready to go fast for 26.2 miles, right?

  • 2)

    Take Expo advice and practice eating different Gu’s.

  • 3)

    Same with socks. And socklets. And taping or not taping the arch, and breathing every third step, sipping or gulping while walking or running (that experiment alone poses 4 different possibilities), and singing “I Can’t Get No-o…Sat-is- fac-tion.”

  • 4)

    Re-start a log, with really relevant information, like “pizza/beer at lunch: yes, no; pollen count through roof: yes, no;

goji berries: 3, 25, 40.” 5) I spy with my little eye at least six marathons I want to run this fall

. … No, eight! … No, Ten! Surely I’ll be in shape by

then. Did it three years ago! Aging? Bah! Look at Dolphin Man! (Please, if anyone is aware that the truly miraculous Mr. Bob Dolphin first invested decades in a disciplined exercise program, do not burst my bubble by telling me.)

Dearest Fellow Maniacs Who Are Actually Good at This, a.k.a. you Megamaniacs from Sam to Monte to McLopez to Lauri and Yanni and Preedy and a host of others:

Your feats amaze me. If time and space permitted, I would write of all your Mega-accomplishments. But until my lovely spouse gives me the “you may retire now, dear” green light, I will say this:

Thank you. As a golfer-turned-talentless-maniac, you help get me out there, over and over again, re-motivating me back to getting into better shape. You plant dreams, raise goals, inspire hopes, enthusiasm, and encouragement, and above


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