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Marathon Maniacs News Letter – June 2008 - page 8 / 28





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North Olympic Discovery Marathon: Eric “Trail Scat” Barnes, Michelle Barnes, David “Bart” Bartholomew, Ken Briggs, Christina Bruce, Tim Bruce, Rick Cooney, Bob and Lenore Dolphin, Marathon Junkie, Susan Glesne, Ginger Gruber, Bob Hearn, Yolanda “Walking Diva” Holder, Mark King, James Klarich, “rogue wave” Kuhlmann, Mivhael “MMKuhl” Kuhlmann, McLovin, Jon “Coconutboy” Mahoney, Sherry “MMM” Mahoney, Gary “The Red Rabbit” Marr, Bob Martin, Alan Nabors, Monte Pascual, Van “pigtails” Phan, Marilou Russell, McGyver, Michael Shiach, David “Marathon Diet” Spooner, Tom Stoltz, David Stout, Steve Supkoff, “Hollywood” Warren, Steve Wisner, Prez Steven Yee

Mike and Ashley Kuhlmann

Bob Hearn, David Jones (I) and “pigtails”

Overall winner Chuck Engle

Rick (762) Cooney

June 14 Marathon to Marathon: Cowboy Jeff Bishton, Jim Collins, Claude Hicks Jr., McGyver, Ellen Olp, Antoinette Smith, Annette Tomal, Annette Wulffe "If you like flat country roads, great Midwest hospitality, and the teasing aroma of.........well, it WAS farm land......this race is for you! Great 6 a.m. start, and the weatherman told us to expect weather up in the 80s and humid. Instead, we were treated to a nearly perfect day, didn't really warm up until late in the race, and great food at the end. From left to right, Ellen Olp (who qualified for and joined MM after this race!), Annette Tomal #824, Annette Wulffe #913 (a PR!!), Claude Hicks #460, Jim Collins #346, and McGyver #558. One quick priceless story......just a few miles out along a country road, two young Iowans sat at a card table loaded with pies. You could see a sign reading "Free Pies!" as you approached the table. Once there, you noticed the small print in parenthesis........"if you quit now!" Not to mention the verbals from the two young men........"C'mon.......you know you want a pie......you know you wanna quit!" None of us did! -Jim Collins #346


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