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a vision of what we are about, what are we doing.  There are many business men who are very good at this.  Fortune magazine when choosing their Asian business man of the year has the first quality they looked for as vision.  In YWAM we bad mouth vision and it is very dangerous.  Vision is given by God.  The whole last book is a vision, it is a revelation of John and he shares his vision with us.  In any vision that is really Godly, it is going to be based on that last book.  It is going to be a vision of the throne, the power of God; a vision of the lamb, the love of God, and a vision of the nations before the throne and of course that is what we want to see more clearly in the workshop.  We have to be visionary in a transformation organization.  Vision calls people out and it unites us and motivates us.  If you badmouth vision, or downplay vision or force visionary out we do not have motivation, we do not have direction and we do not have unity.  

The verse literally translated says the people are dispersed, and that is what happened in YWAM.  We haven’t had a big enough vision, we have lots of hundreds and thousand of small visions, which are all good, but we haven’t had an overall vision big enough to unite us in recent years.  The whole point of a transformation organization is liberating, initiative is encouraged and personal fulfillment is part of the set-up.  Two words are very common in this organization, you can track in the research if you interview people, and the first one is trust.  It is a very high trust organization at all levels.  Everybody trusts everybody else.  The other thing is encouragement.  There is much encouragement for people to go for it.  Creativity and diversity are actively promoted.  That is why young and creative people come to this kind of organization and they stay in it.  

The principle is not doing what you are told, but applying principles with your own initiative.  This is why organizations like Southwest Airlines (they give extreme authority to their employees)  can decide things that would take you 2 or 3 steps up the chart on other airlines.  They trust people to apply principles with initiative.  The leader is not the superior.  In fact we have an expression, my hierarchical superior, but that goes back to the aristocratic idea of leadership.  A leader is not better than other people and should not have privileges that others don’t.  There is great respect for the individual; people are treated as if they were created in the image of God.  Everybody knows this even if they are not Christians, and this is how the outrage at being treated like a machine comes through so clearly.  

Everybody knows deep down inside that they are created to be different.  Information in this organization is share with everyone, although, decision making is not necessarily with everyone.  However, there is a sharing in the processing, and participation.  There is mutual accountability at all levels.  Most of these organizations do 360 degree evaluation of their leaders.  In other words, the leader is evaluated by his boss, by the people who work with him and by the people who work for him and that is the basis of the evaluation.  I have often would wonder what would happen if we did that in YWAM.  In this organization, truth telling is encouraged and truth tellers are valued and structures are de emphasized.  

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