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and security.  Religious organizations and educational organizations attract high control people who have a great need for security.  Remember the prophetic warning the Lord gave us in the very first workshop, beware of high control personalities; they will automatically gravitate toward religious and educational institutions.  It has been proven in the social science time and time again.  I don’t think I have convinced you of that.

In Genesis 3:5 we see the first transactional leader, it was the serpent.  He went to Eve and said hey, you are not getting all you should be getting from this deal.  You were told not to eat of the fruit, but you know what you get when you eat the fruit of that tree?  The first temptation was the temptation to a transaction.  I’m not getting enough out of this, I need to change the way I operate.  When the devil came to Jesus in Matthew 4, one of the temptations was the same thing, worship me and I will give you all the kingdoms of the earth.  I shared this with the European leaders last month and I checked with them, in every European language, not just English, we have an expression, “you sell your soul to the devil”.  We know deep down inside that dealing with the devil is based on transaction that is what it is about.  Selling your soul is expensive.  We get this confused in immaturity, the same way parents deal with children, transactional operations are the way you have to work with babies, with little kids.  You have to be good, if you are good you get this.  If you are bad this will happen.  All parents know this.  

Of course most of the Old Testament is based on this transaction, where God says obey me this will happen, disobey this will happen.  Deuteronomy 28 is the huge chapter on transaction.  In immaturity that is how we operate with God.  However, you can look at the Old Testament and all the New as God moving us off this transactional mode of operation.  As a matter of fact you can define that the major difference between Christianity and all the other religions; Buddhism, Islam, they are all based on transactions.  That’s what religion is, you do this, this and this and you promise not to do this and this and this and this is what you get.  That’s how their gods’ operate.  

But the Lord God of Israel came with a different ideal.  He wanted something based on love, based on the transformation of His people.  And of course he started them out with a transaction, because that is where they were.  But when His Son came, the transactions didn’t matter anymore in the same sense.  Because in the full expression of love there are not transactions, parents know this, we try to move children off this transactional basis of working with us.  It comes to the point where you get really tired of having to bribe your child to wash the car or vacuum the floor.  But the temptation for parents is this kind of unconscious, unspoken contract that we have with the children.  I have invested so much in you therefore I expect a certain code of behavior.  And for most of us it does not include tongue rings, or nose rings.  So the parents are shocked because the child has violated this unspoken contract.  Any relationship can fly into a contract relationship.  A marriage that becomes transactional is headed in big, big trouble.  

The book of Galatians can be read as the Galatians getting saved from this kind of religion, but getting back into it.  Paul is exhorting them, saying that is not the Gospel,

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