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paradigm that did not save Sodom.  He bargains all the way down to 5 to righteous men that didn’t save the city.  His bargaining did not work.  The Lord moved him off that into a transformation, when he was transformed, he got a new name, he was called Abraham.  Isaac was the same way; Jacob was transformed to such a degree that he was called Israel.  And of course the entire nation of Israel was put into this path where their goal was transformation.  And as the prophets spoke to Israel, they didn’t just talk about law, but the message that comes through the prophets time and time again is the law is not what matters so much.  The Lord says I don’t care about your ceremonies, I love you and the gospel of love starts to be prophesied already in the Old Testament.  Of course we see very clearly in Genesis 22 where Abraham stop discussing and arguing with God, it was when the Lord told him to offer his son on the altar.  He didn’t argue, he didn’t ask, he just obeyed, no more transactions, but he believed that in three days he and his son would return.  Transformation is what it is all about.

Transformation is our goal, it is the vision that John saw, the nations transformed before the throne, the nations redeemed in their unity and in their diversity.  That is the goal of everything we do.  And this goal, this vision of transformation is what unites all of our ministries.  This is the kind of ministry that the Lord has given to us.  And we have all tried evangelism without transformation.  This is like in the old days where you go and you had 4 verses in Romans and you were supposed to read it to someone and if they agreed, you told them they were a Christian whether anything happened or not….remember that?  That is an old model of evangelism and most of the churches moves away from it, praise God, but it didn’t work because it didn’t transform anyone.  

Real evangelism is the first step in the great transformation, which by the way is a commandment.  The apostle wrote "be ye transformed".  It is also our predestination.  The church of God is predestined to be transformed in His image, this is what predestination is all about.  Relief and development ministries that do not transform are just another version of the United Nations, but only less efficient.  Training that does not transform has not place in the University of the Nations.  If we view our school as information download or as skills transfer, is not transformational and it not what the Lord created us to do.  Other people can do that; they can do it better and probably cheaper.  

For each one of our schools, this is a grid that we should be putting them through, are they transformational.  People should be different when they come out of that school.  Not just having to learn some knowledge, they should be more like Jesus. Our transformation was acquired at a great cost, but it wasn’t a transaction.  God does not do contracts, he does covenant.  We have often heard that Jesus paid our debts at the cross and this is certainly true in a sense, but I have not found a verse that actually says that.  I think we make the atonement into a mere transaction and God is the accountant.  What the verse in Colossians says is that Jesus cancelled the things that were written against us the decrees that were written against us by nailing them to the cross.  That’s what happened to everything that was written against.  It wasn’t just paid, it was cancelled and it was cancelled by being nailed to the cross.  

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