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When we start to bargain with God and ask him what we are going to get, and all that kind of thing, we start to move back to a transaction relationship with Him.  We talk contracts with God, He sees the contract His Son cancelled by nailing it to the cross through His hands.  The Lord does not play that game.  If we start to slide back into a transactional mode of operation, He will withdraw, because that is not His way.  This is not the Kingdom model and sometime in His love, He will blow on it and it will fall down.  

Youth With A Mission was given the opportunity to be the first worldwide transformational mission agency.  This is why we have no salaries, because people are not called to YWAM, because of what they get out of it.  What do you get when you come to YWAM, well you get it all, but don’t talk about the contract.  There is no contract.  What will I get if I send my child to the University of the Nations, what is the degree worth, who accredited, how many YWAM leaders have ask me that question?  Now I have an answer: you will get it all, but you won’t get a better job and I can’t promise you income enhancement, which is what they promised me when I went to Trinity to get a doctorate, little did they know.  When you come to the U/N you won’t get anything on a contract basis.  We have not figure out the dollar value of our degrees as Wheaton has.  

You get it all when you come with us, but don’t talk about a contract.  What we do when we serve is that we give.  Love gives, it doesn’t wait to see what it gets back.  That is how the Lord’s operates with us, He has not given us a contract, He has given us a covenant.  


Lord Jesus help us to understand what you did for us.  What really happened on the cross.  And help us to live that way, to be leaders in the way that you have shown us to be leaders.  Amen.   

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