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OAC 365:10


notice to the Commissioner of the discontinuance. The period of discontinuance may be reduced if the Commissioner determines that a shorter period is appropriate. (2) The sale or other transfer of Medicare supplement business to another issuer shall be considered a discontinuance for the purposes of this subsection.

(3) A under

change in the rating structure or methodology shall be considered a discontinuance (d)(1) of this section unless the issuer complies with the following requirements:

(A) The issuer provides an actuarial memorandum, in a form and manner prescribed by the Commissioner, describing the manner in which the revised rating methodology and resultant rates differ from the existing rating methodology and existing rates. (B) The issuer does not subsequently put into effect a change of rates or rating

factors that subsequent

would cause the percentage differential between the rates as described in the actuarial memorandum



to change.


Commissioner may interest. Combination of policy forms

approve a change to the differential which is


the public


or certificate forms experience for purposes


refund or


calculation. (1) Except as provided in (2) of this subsection, the experience of all policy forms or certificate forms of the same type in a standard Medicare supplement benefit plan shall be combined for purposes of the refund or credit calculation prescribed in 365:10-5-131. (2) Forms assumed under an assumption reinsurance agreement shall not be combined with the experience of other forms for purposes of the refund or credit calculation.

[Source: Added at 9 Ok Reg 549, eff 12-13-91 (emergency); Added at 9 Ok Reg 2499, eff 6-26-92; Amended at 9 Ok Reg 3899, eff 8-24-92 (emergency); Amended at 10 Ok Reg 1475, eff 5-1-93; Amended at 20 Ok Reg 1667, eff 7-14-03; Amended at 22 Ok Reg 1954, eff 7-14-05]

365:10-5-133. Permitted compensation arrangements (a) An issuer or other entity may provide commission or other compensation to an agent or other representative for the sale of a Medicare supplement policy or certificate only if the first year commission or other first year compensation is no more than two hundred percent (200%) of the commission or other compensation paid for selling or servicing the policy or certificate in the second year or period. (b) The commission or other compensation provided in subsequent (renewal) years must be the same as that provided in the second year or period and must be provided for no fewer than five (5) renewal years. (c) No issuer or other entity shall provide compensation to its agents or other producers and no agent or producer shall receive compensation greater than the renewal compensation payable by the replacing issuer on renewal policies or certificates if an existing policy or certificate is replaced. (d) For purposes of this section, "compensation" includes pecuniary or non-pecuniary remuneration of any kind relating to the sale or renewal of the policy or certificate including but not limited to bonuses, gifts, prizes, awards and finders fees.

[Source: Added at 9 Ok Reg 2499, eff 6-26-92]

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