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OAC 365:10


365:10-5-134. Required disclosure provisions

  • (a)

    General rules.

    • (1)

      Medicare supplement policies and certificates shall include a renewal or continuation provision. The language or specifications of such provision shall be consistent with the type of contract issued. Such provision shall be appropriately captioned and shall appear on the first page of the policy, and shall include any reservation by the issuer of the right to change premiums and any automatic renewal premium increases based on the policyholder's age.

    • (2)

      Except for riders or endorsements by which the issuer effectuates a request made in writing by the insured, exercises a specifically reserved right under a Medicare supplement policy, or is required to reduce or eliminate benefits to avoid duplication of Medicare benefits, all riders or endorsements added to a Medicare supplement policy after date of issue or at reinstatement or renewal which reduce or eliminate benefits or coverage in the policy shall require a signed acceptance by the insured. After the date of policy or certificate issue, any rider or endorsement which increases benefits or coverage with a concomitant increase in premium during the policy term shall be agreed to in writing signed by the insured, unless the benefits are required by the minimum standards for Medicare supplement policies, or if the increased benefits or coverage is required by law. Where a separate additional premium is charged for benefits provided in connection with riders or endorsements, such premium charge shall be set forth in the policy.

    • (3)

      Medicare supplement policies or certificates shall not provide for the payment of benefits based on standards described as "usual and customary," "reasonable and customary," or words of similar import.

    • (4)

      If a Medicare supplement policy or certificate contains any limitations with respect to preexisting conditions, such limitations shall appear as a separate paragraph of the policy and be labeled as "Preexisting Condition Limitations."

    • (5)

      Medicare supplement policies and certificates shall have a notice prominently printed on the first page of the policy or certificate or attached thereto stating in substance that the policyholder or certificateholder shall have the right to return the policy or certificate within thirty (30) days of its delivery and to have the premium refunded if, after examination of the policy or certificate, the insured person is not satisfied for any reason.

    • (6)

      If the issuer does not return any premiums or moneys paid therefor within thirty (30) days from the date of cancellation, the issuer shall pay interest on the proceeds which shall be the same rate of interest as the average United States Treasury Bill rate of the preceding calendar year as certified to the State Insurance Commissioner by the State Treasurer on the first regular business day in January of each year, plus two percentage points which shall accrue from the date of cancellation until the premiums or moneys are returned. In such event, the policy shall be deemed to have been cancelled on the date the policy was placed in the United States mails in a properly addressed, postage paid envelope; or, if not so posted, on the date of delivery of such policy to the issuer.

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