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1. Which two statements are true regarding link-state routing protocols? (Choose two.) - page 2 / 8





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6. Refer to the exhibit. All router interfaces are configured with an IP address and are operational. If no routing protocols or static routes are configured, what information will be included in the show ip route command output for router A?

All of the 192.168.x.0 networks will be in the routing table.

* Routes to networks,, and will be in the routing table.

The routing table will be empty because routes and dynamic routes have not been configured.

A default route is automatically installed in the routing table to allow connectivity between the networks.

7. Which of the following should be considered when troubleshooting a problem with the establishment of neighbor relationships between OSPF routers? (Choose three.)

* OSPF interval timers mismatch

gateway of last resort not redistributed

* interface network type mismatch

no loopback interface configured

administrative distance mismatch

* inconsistent authentication configuration

8. Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is trying to figure out why BOS does not have the network in its routing table. All routers are configured for OSPF in area 0. The links between the routers are operational and the administrator is able to ping between all router interfaces. What is a logical next step that the network administrator should take to troubleshoot the problem?

Reboot the routers.

Change the OSPF process ID on all of the routers to 0.

Check to see if the cable is loose between BOS and JAX.

Check to see if CDP packets are passing between the routers.

* Use show and debug commands to determine if hellos are propagating.

9. Refer to the exhibit. What two statements are true based on the output shown? (Choose two.)

the reported distance to network is 2172416 and are feasible successors

* neighbors and have auto summary disabled

* router 3 is load balancing traffic to the network across its serial interfaces

all interfaces shown on Router3 are in the passive state and will not send EIGRP advertisements

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