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1. Which two statements are true regarding link-state routing protocols? (Choose two.) - page 3 / 8





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10. The network shown in the diagram is having problems routing traffic. It is suspected that the problem is with the addressing scheme. What is the problem with the addressing used in the topology?

The address assigned to the Ethernet0 interface of Router1 is a broadcast address for that subnetwork.

* The subnetwork configured on the serial link between Router1 and Router2 overlaps with the subnetwork assigned to Ethernet0 of Router3.

The subnetwork assigned to the Serial0 interface of Router1 is on a different subnetwork from the address for Serial0 of Router2.

The subnetwork assigned to Ethernet0 of Router2 overlaps with the subnetwork assigned to Ethernet0 of Router3.

11. What is the function of the OSPF LSU packet?

used to confirm receipt of certain types of OSPF packets

used to establish and maintain adjacency with other OSPF routers

used to request more information about any entry in the BDR

* used to announce new OSPF information and to reply to certain types of requests

12. Which of the following are primary functions of a router? (Choose two.)

* packet switching


domain name resolution

* path selection

flow control

13. Refer to the exhibit. What summary address can Router2 advertise to Router1 to reach the three networks on Routers 3, 4, and 5 without advertising any public address space or overlapping the networks on Router1?


14. What is the first step OSPF and IS-IS routers take in building a shortest path first database?

* learn about directly connected networks

send hello to discover neighbors and form adjacencies

choose successors and feasible successors to populate the topology table

flood LSPs to all neighbors informing them of all known networks and their link states

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