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1. Which two statements are true regarding link-state routing protocols? (Choose two.) - page 4 / 8





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15. Which three statements describe the operation of routing with EIGRP? (Choose three.)

* As new neighbors are discovered, entries are placed in a neighbor table.

If the feasible successor has a higher advertised cost than the current successor route, then it becomes the primary route.

* If hello packets are not received within the hold time, DUAL must recalculate the topology.

* The reported distance is the distance to a destination as advertised by a neighbor.

EIGRP maintains full knowledge of the network topology in the topology table and exchanges full routing information with neighboring routers in every update.

EIGRP builds one routing table that contains routes for all configured routed protocols.

16. A network administrator has configured a default route on Router_A but it is not being shared with adjacent Router_B and the other routers in the OSPF area. Which command will save the administrator the time and trouble of configuring this default route on Router_B and all of the other routers in the OSPF area?

Router_A(config-router)# ospf redistribute default-route

Router_B(config-router)# ospf redistribute default-route

* Router_A(config-router)# default-information originate

Router_B(config-router)# default-information originate

Router_A(config-router)# ip ospf update-default

Router_B(config-router)# ip ospf update-default

17. Which of the following are required when adding a network to the OSPF routing process configuration? (Choose three.)

* network address

loopback address

autonomous system number

subnet mask

* wildcard mask

* area ID

18. A network administrator has enabled RIP on routers B and C in the network diagram. Which of the following commands will prevent RIP updates from being sent to Router A?

A(config)# router rip

A(config-router)# passive-interface S0/0

B(config)# router rip

B(config-router)# network

B(config-router)# network

A(config)# router rip

A(config-router)# no network

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