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These estimated marketer’s prices are based on current equipment and tooling and include an estimate for hardware for fluid level monitoring. Hardware for fluid-level is an estimate only because at present there is no code-approved commercially available means for fluid level monitoring in a buried tank. Various approaches have been identified and assessed, but still required development for a field-ready practical system. Through increased production volume, specialized tooling, and continued development effort, it should be possible to reduce the gap between these projected prices and those realized once serial production is reached. It is important to note that for the Phase I preliminary design, a number of issues regarding manufacture and cost were not examined in detail for that initial work. As a consequence, there are additional cost and weight issues regarding manufacture and design that came about with the more detailed Phase II design. The last columns in Table ES-1 show projected prices based on aggressive cost reductions achieved through these development efforts.

However, with oil-based polymers (resin and liner) comprising approximately 60 percent of the material cost of the composite tank, it is likely that the long-term costs are likely to track future oil prices. While the composite tank does have desirable features above steel tanks, the possibility of long-term price instabilities may offset these features.

Alternative Underground Propane Tank Materials, Phase II—Final Report


September 2009 Battelle and Lincoln Composites

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