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The Agricultural Commission, established in 2005, meets in the Land Use room of the Town Hall on the second Tuesday of every month, starting at 7:00p.m.

This year the committee conducted a town-wide survey of agricultural interests. The results were overwhelmingly positive that residents are very much concerned and supportive of maintaining the agricultural aspect of the town. Twelve hundred surveys were sent out with tax bills and one hundred twenty were returned. Questions such as “Do you feel local farming is important to Ashby?” and “Do you feel local farming is important to you?” were responded to almost 100 percent with the answer “very important.” Also, most citizens were concerned with where their food comes from and that the children of Ashby are educated as to the agricultural quality of their town. In keeping with these findings, the commission thanks the townspeople for taking part in the survey and urges everyone to support the efforts of the local farmers and those who work to keep Ashby’s open space conserved for agriculture.

The survey revealed that many in town regard themselves as hobby-farmers, that is, they work off the farm, as well as raise animals and cultivate gardens. In keeping with this, and the other desire for healthy, locally grown produce, the commission continues to support a local farmers market every Wednesday before, during, and after the local band concert season. We invite everyone to support this effort with the knowledge that the more support we have, the greater support for agriculture in town.

Finally, in keeping with our town by-laws, everyone is reminded that we live in a right-to-farm town and that when real estate is purchased, buyers must sign a right-to-farm disclosure form, acknowledging that activities connected with farming may take place in their neighborhood

Respectfully submitted,

John Mickola, chairPaula Bogue

Paula PackardHeather Leonard

Susan ChapmanWilliam Duffy

Charles Pernaa  Nadine Callahan

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