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Turn in your completed form no later than 4 pm, FRI. Feb. 22, 2008 - page 2 / 4





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DEIL/IEI ESL TA Application Form, Fall 2008

Submit both this and the next page to Cathy in Room 4080 FLB

by 4 pm., Fri. Feb. 22. Please print clearly or type

Family Name:  _________________________________________________

First/Given Names:______________________________________________

Step One: determine and indicate your applicant category,

please check one:

Category A: Applicants who have never taught in DEIL or the IEI must attach a  resume.   Please ensure that your full name and the semester for which you are applying appears on the top of each page of this resume.  Please ensure also that your resume clearly indicates the following information:

Post-secondary educational background (first college degree and later degree(s), if any, and the granting universities/colleges)

Other professional qualifications (e.g., teaching certificates, particular coursework relevant to ESL teaching, etc.)

Classroom teaching experience (list all of your classroom  teaching positions and include the following information about each one: location, time period, full or part-time, level of students, course taught, class size, age group, responsibilities e.g., lesson planning, textbook selection, curriculum development, test development, etc.)

Other teaching-related experience: list any related language education experience in addition to classroom teaching (e.g., test development, teacher training, curriculum development, materials development or particular courses you have taken at UIUC or elsewhere that are relevant to this application)

international students only: TOEFL, TWE/essay, and TSE/SPEAK test score results and dates (month and year) of the exams

Category B: Applicants who have taught before (at least once) in DEIL or in the IEI must attach a list of previous DEIL/IEI or other relevant UIUC teaching assignments.  Please ensure that your full name and the semester for which you are applying is on the top of each page of this list.  Please list the course(s) you have taken relevant to ESL teaching.  Please also list relevant course(s) you have taught and the semester(s) in which you taught the courses; you may also include any relevant information about the particular teaching experiences you have held, such as notes about materials development, participation in textbook selection, and any other professional highlights about this previous experience.  Please list only course(s) taught at UIUC.  If you are in Category B, please do not submit a full resume.

Failure to indicate and follow these  instructions

will result in not being considered for a teaching assignment.

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