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Info: (530) 667-5312 Charles Heffernan and Barbara Kozicki, who Ken and Eric met in 2006 while working at the Calgary Stampede.

2007 Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair

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"Barb and Charles did a few key events with us in 2006, and were the best, first-time riders we'd ever had. They actually blew me away with their knack for character development and their immediate improv abili- ty. They will be with us again at the Tulelake-Butte Valley Fair.

"We hope to reign for many years as the 'Outlaw Kings Of Old West Foolishness', It's a way of life for us," Ken explained.

"But we do have some new bits, gags, and diversions planned- if only for own sanity, we try to keep it fresh."

Ken points out that every show is different and fresh, because, after all, the majority of it is improv. "We mostly make it up on the spot as we go along."

So why did they change their name? Ken McMeans, the 'Fables' big cheese (founder and senior cast member, as well), says the name change came about because of the trademark and copyright restrictions on 'Wild West Express'.

"We get upwards of 10,000 hits a day on our website," he said. "We've wanted to get going with the merchandising thing for quite some time, but I was afraid we would run into issues where others would stake claim to ownership of the name."

As it turns out, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of businesses across the US using the name Wild West Express.

Ken said he originally wasn't thrilled about making the change, after spending so much time and effort branding their act with that title.

Naysayers predicted it would confuse entertainment buyers and potentially cost them their spot at the top of the fair circuit entertainment heap.

Ken said he was apprehensive at first, as were the other senior cast members, who at one point thought he had lost his mind.

Fortunately, the industry responded well to the Fables of The West heading and Ken says booking for 2007 is already exceeding previous years.

So look around as you walk through the fair, because these cowboys like to have fun with just about anyone.

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