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Buy Back In Iran

Beginning in 1989, the buy-back method of transaction has become a feature of the national economy. It is being supported by the government as an efficient means of attracting foreign capital, services and technical know-how, while reducing foreign exchange expenditures, and expanding exports. A number of buy-back arrangements have been implemented with various countries, and efforts for more such deals continue . The specific procedures for entering into buy-back agreements with Iranian parties are explained below.

What are the legal bases for buy-back transactions in Iran ?

How does Iranian law define a buy-back transaction ?

What exactly is meant by the terms Supplier and Buyer ?

What guarantees are provided in buy-back contracts for their proper execution and fulfillment ?

How is the collateral needed for issuing bank guarantees evaluated ?

How effective is the guarantee issued by the concerned managing bank, regarding the payment of the supplier's installments through the export of goods and services ?

What are the characteristics of a buy-back contracts ?

What are the other main points to be included in a buy-back contract ?

According to the contract, what will be the method for paying sums due the supplier?

How stable are permits related to buy-back transactions ?

To what extent can the conditions included in contracts be altered ?

How are disputes between parties to a buy-back transaction settled ?

Which authority is charged with supervising the execution of buy-back transactions ?

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