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Jim Ray Smith–2005 inductee to the Cleveland Browns Legends. 205 - page 31 / 50





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Oklahoma State; 3. (Browns’ choice traded to Dallas for QB Jerry Rhome); 4. Stevenson, Rickey (CB) Arizona; 5. Engel, Steve (HB) Colorado; 6. Cilek, Mike (QB) Iowa; 7. Wycinsky, Craig (G) Michigan State; 8. Davidson, Honester (S) Bowling Green; 9. Brown, Geoff (LB) Pittsburgh; 10. Yanchar, Bill (DT) Purdue; 11. Benner, Gene (WR) Maine; 12. Sanders, Jerry (K) Texas Tech; 13. Roberts, Larry (HB) Central Missouri; 14. Tharpe, Jim (LB) Lincoln (Mo.); 15. Homoly, Guy (CB) Illinois State; 16. Redebaugh, John (TE/K) Bemidji State; 17. Tabb, Charles (TE/RB) McMurray.


1. Scott, Clarence (CB) Kansas State; 2. Cornell, Robert “Bo” (HB) Washington; 3a. Staroba, Paul (WR) Michigan; 3b. Hall, Charles (LB) Houston (choice acquired from Kansas City for DE Marvin Upshaw); 4. Pena, Robert “Bubba” (G) Massachusetts; 5. Brown, Stanley (WR) Purdue; 6a. Dieken, Doug (T) Illinois (choice acquired from Chicago for WR Eppie Barney); 6b. Dixon, Jay (DE) Boston U; 7. Jacobs, Bob (K) Wyoming; 8. Zelina, Larry (HB) Ohio State; 9. Levels, Wilmur (S) North Texas State; 10. Casteel, Steve (LB) Oklahoma; 11. Sikich, Mike (G) Northwestern; 12. Blanchard, Felix “Tony” (TE) North Carolina; 13. Jamula, Thad (T) Lehigh; 14. Kingrea, Rick (LB) Tulane; 15. Green, William “Bill” (CB) Western Kentucky; 16. Smith, David (WR) Mississippi State; 17. Dilon, Leo (C) Dayton.


1. Darden, Thom (DB) Michigan; 2a. Brooks, Clifford (DB) Tennessee State; 2b. Sims, Lester (DE) Alabama (choice acquired from Miami for LB Bob Matheson); 3. (Browns’ choice traded to L.A. Rams with G Joe Taffoni for T Mitch Johnson and Minnesota’s 5th choice in 1972); 4. (Browns’ choice traded to Kansas City along with Browns’ 3rd choice in 1973 for WR Frank Pitts); 5a. Hunt, George (K) Tennessee; 5b. Kucera, Greg (HB) North Colorado (Minnesota’s choice from Los Angeles with T Mitch Johnson for G Joe Taffoni and Browns’ 3rd choice in 1972); 6. Forey, Leonard (G) Texas A&M; 7. Wesley, Don (OT) Maryland State; 8. McKinnis, Hugh (HB) Arizona State; 9a. McKee, Larry (G) Arizona; 9b. Lefear, Billy (WR/RB) Henderson (Ark.) (choice acquired from Baltimore for LB Tom Beutler); 10. Mosier, Herschell (DT) Northwest Oklahoma; 11. Long, Mel (LB) Toledo; 12. Chapman, Bernard (DB) Texas-El Paso; 13. Sipe, Brian (QB) San Diego State; 14. Stewart, Ed (G) East Central Oklahoma; 15. McCullar, Jewell (LB) Chico State; 16. Wakefield, Richard (WR) Ohio State; 17. Portz, William (DB) Sterling, (Kansas).


1a. Holden, Steve (WR) Arizona State (choice acquired from N.Y. Giants along with New England’s 2nd choice for DE Jack Gregory and CB Freddie Summers); 1b. Adams, Pete (G) USC; 2a. Pruitt, Greg (HB) Oklahoma (New England’s choice from New York with Giants’ 1st choice for DE Jack Gregory and CB Freddie Summers); 2b. Steinke, Jim (DB) Southwest Texas; 3a. Crum, Bob (DE) Arizona (Kansas City’s choice acquired from Baltimore for C Fred Hoaglin); 3b. (Browns’ choice traded to Kansas City along with Browns’ 4th choice in 1972 for WR Frank Pitts); 4a. Dorris, Andy (LB) New Mexico State (Cincinnati’s choice from Baltimore for K George Hunt); 4b. Mattingly, Randy (QB) Evansville; 5. (Browns’ choice traded to San Diego for DT George Wright); 6. Green, Van (DB) Shaw (N.C.); 7. (Browns’ choice traded to Miami for C Bob DeMarco); 8. (Browns’ choice traded to Detroit for DT Jerry Rush); 9. Wester, Curtis (G) East Texas State; 10. Humphrey, Tom (T) Abilene Christian; 11. Barisich, Carl (DT) Princeton; 12. Simmons, Stan (TE) Lewis and Clark; 13. Romaniszyn, Jim (LB) Edinboro State; 14. Popelka, Robert (DB) Southern Methodist; 15. Sullivan, Dave (WR) Virginia; 16. Greenfield, George (HB) Murray State; 17. McClowry, Robert (C) Michigan State.


1. (Browns’ choice traded to San Diego along with Browns’ 2nd choice in 1975 for LB Bob Babich and Chargers’ 4th choice in 1975); 2. Corbett, Billy (OT) Johnson C. Smith; 3. (Browns’ choice traded to Denver for QB Don Horn [also 6th choice in 1974]); 4. (Browns’ choice traded to Oakland for WR Gloster Richardson); 5. Ilgenfritz, Mark (DE) Vanderbilt; 6a. Pritchett, Billy (FB) West Texas State (choice acquired from Buffalo); 6b. (Browns’ choice trad- ed to Denver for QB Don Horn [also 3rd choice in 1974]); 7a. Herrick, Bob (WR) Purdue (choice acquired from St. Louis for LB Andy Dorris); 7b. Sullivan, Gerry (C/OT) Illinois; 8a. (Browns’ choice traded to Washington with T Mitch Johnson for New Orleans’ 3rd choice in 1973); 8b. Brown, Eddie (DB) Tennessee (choice acquired from Buffalo for LB Rick Kingrea); 9. Scott, Dan (G) Ohio State; 10a. Puestow, Mike (WR) North Dakota State (choice acquired from Chicago for QB Randy Mattingly); 10b. (Browns’ choice traded to Buffalo for TE Jan White); 11. Gooden, Tom (K) Harding; 12. McNeil, Ron (DE) North Carolina Central; 13. Seifert, Mike (DE) Wisconsin; 14. Hunt, Bob (HB) Heidelberg; 15. Terrell, Ransom (LB) Arizona; 16. Anderson, Preston (DB) Rice; 17. Buchanan, Carlton (DT) Southwest Oklahoma State.


1. Mitchell, Mack (DE) Houston; 2. (Browns’ choice traded to San Diego with Browns’ 1st choice in 1974 for LB Bob Babich and Chargers’ 4th choice in 1974); 3. Roan, Oscar (TE) Southern Methodist; 4a. Peters, Tony (DB) Oklahoma; 4b. (San Diego’s choice acquired with LB Bob Babich traded to New England for WR Reggie Rucker); 5a. Zimba, John (DE) Villanova; 5b. Cope, Jim (LB) Ohio State (choice acquired from Detroit for CB Ben Davis); 6a. (Browns’ choice traded to San Diego for TE James Thaxton); 6b. Miller, Charles (DB) West Virginia (choice acquired from Washington for WR Paul Staroba); 6c. Hynoski, Henry (HB) Temple (choice acquired from Oakland for WR Frank Pitts); 7. Wang, Merle (OT) Texas Christian; 8. Santini, Barry (TE) Purdue; 9a. Poole, Larry (HB) Kent State; 9b. Hogan, Floyd (DB) Arkansas (choice acquired from Kansas City for DE Bob Briggs); 10. Lewis, Stan (DE) Wayne (Nebraska); 11. Marinelli, Tom (G) Boston College; 12. Ambrose, Dick (LB) Virginia; 13. Armstead, Willie (WR) Utah; 14. Barrett, Tim (HB) John Carroll; 15. Moore, Willie (DT) Johnson C. Smith; 16. McKay, JK (WR) USC; 17. Graf, Dave (LB) Penn State.


  • 1.

    Pruitt, Mike (HB) Purdue; 2. (Browns’ choice traded to Oakland for LB Gerald Irons and Raiders’ 9th choice in

  • 1976)

    ; 3. Logan, Dave (WR/TE) Colorado; 4a. Swick, Gene (QB) Toledo (New England’s choice acquired from



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