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Jim Ray Smith–2005 inductee to the Cleveland Browns Legends. 205 - page 34 / 50





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Draft Choices



1. Charlton, Clifford (LB) Florida [21st overall]; 2. Perry, Michael Dean (DL) Clemson [50th]; 3. Waiters, Van (LB) Indiana [77th]; 4. Blaylock, Anthony (CB) Winston-Salem [103rd]; 5. (Browns’ choice traded to Phoenix for DE AI Baker); 6. (Browns’ choice traded to Philadelphia along with CB D.D. Hoggard for DL Chris Pike); 7. Gash, Thane (S) East Tennessee State [188th]; 8. Birden, J.J. (WR) Oregon [216th]; 9. Copeland, Danny (S) Eastern Kentucky [244th]; 10. Washington, Brian (S) Nebraska [272nd]; 11. Hawkins, Hendley (WR) Nebraska [300th]; 12. Slayden, Steve (QB) Duke [328th].


1. Metcalf, Eric (RB) Texas (choice acquired from Denver for Browns’ 1989 1st, 2nd, 5th and 9th) [13th overall]; 2. Tillman, Lawyer (WR) Auburn (choice acquired from Green Bay along with Green Bay’s 1989 5th for Browns’ 1989 3rd, 1989 5th, 1990 1st and RB Herman Fontenot) [31st]; 3. (Browns’ choice to Green Bay – see round 2); 4. Stewart, Andrew (DE) Cincinnati [107th]; 5a. Kramer, Kyle (S) Bowling Green (choice acquired from Green Bay – see round two) [114th]; 5b. Joines, Vernon (WR) Maryland (choice acquired from Kansas City for LB Mike Junkin) [116th];

  • 6.

    Wilkerson, Gary (CB) Penn State [160th]; 7. Graybill, Mike (OT) Boston University [187th]; 8. Aeilts, Rick (TE)

    • S.

      E. Missouri State [215th]; 9. (Browns’ selection traded to Denver – see round 1); 10. Buddenberg, John (OT)

Akron [274th]; 11. Plocki, Dan (K) Maryland [301st]; 12. Brown, Marlon (LB) Memphis State [328th]. 1990

1. (Browns’ choice traded to Green Bay, see 1989); 2. Hoard, Leroy (RB) Michigan [45th overall]; 3. Pleasant, Anthony (DE) Tennessee State [73rd]; 4. Barnett, Harlon (S) Michigan St. [101st]; 5. Burnett, Rob (DE) Syracuse [129th]; 6. Hilliard, Randy (CB) Northwestern State [157th]; 7a. Galbraith, Scott (TE) USC [178th]; 7b. (Browns’ choice traded to San Diego for RB-Barry Redden); 8. Jones, Jock (LB) Virginia Tech [212th]; 9. Rowell, Eugene (WR) Southern Mississippi [240th]; 10. Wallace, Mike (CB) Jackson State [268th]; 11. Gordon, Clemente (QB) Grambling [296th]; 12. Simien, Kerry (WR) Texas A&I [323rd].


  • 1.

    Turner, Eric (S) UCLA [2nd overall]; 2. King, Ed (G) Auburn [29th]; 3. Jones, James (DL) Northern Iowa [57th];

  • 4.

    Sagapolutele, Pio (DL) San Diego State [85th]; 5. (Choice traded to Miami for 1990 7th round pick); 6. Jackson,

Michael (WR) Southern Mississippi [141st]; 7. (choice traded to Green Bay for RB Brent Fullwood); 8. Conover, Frank (DL) Syracuse [197th]; 9a. Irvin, Ray (CB) Central Florida [225th]; 9b. (choice acquired from Seattle for DL Bob Buczkowski) Wiggins, Shawn (WR) Wyoming [239th]; 10. Greenfield, Brian (P) Pittsburgh [252nd]; 11. Jones, Todd (OL) Henderson State [280th]; 12. Austin, Elijah (DL) North Carolina State [308th].


1. Vardell, Tommy (RB) Stanford [9th overall]; 2a. (Browns’ choice [36th overall] traded to Dallas, along with Browns’ 5th (121st overall) round choice, for Cowboys’ 2nd (52nd), third (78th), 6th (163rd), 8th (222nd) and 12th (329th) round choices); 2b. Rowe, Patrick (WR) San Diego State [52nd](choice from Dallas, see 2a. above); 3a. Johnson, Bill (DL) Michigan State [65th]; 3b. Dixon, Gerald (LB) South Carolina [78th](choice from Dallas, see 2a. above); 4. (Choice traded to Philadelphia for OL Ken Reeves); 5. (Choice to Dallas, see 2a. above); 6a. Smith, Rico (WR) Colorado [143rd](choice from Tampa Bay for Browns’ 6th and Dallas’ 8th round choice, see 2a. above); 6b. (Choice to Tampa Bay, see 6a. above); 7. Jones, Selwyn (DB) Colorado State [177th]; 8a. Choice from Dallas to Tampa Bay, see 6a. and 2a. above); 8b. (Choice to New England for OL Freddie Childress); 9. Hill, Tim (DB) Kansas [233rd]; 10. Lowe, Marcus (DT) Baylor [260th]; 11. Olobia, Augustin (WR) Washington State [289th]; 12a. McCant, Keithen (QB) Nebraska [316th]; 12b. Simpson, Tim (OL) Illinois [339th](choice from Dallas, see 2a. above).


1a. (Browns’ choice [11th overall] traded for Denver’s 1st round pick (14th overall) and 3rd round pick (83rd overall); 1b. Everitt, Steve (C/G) Michigan [14th overall](choice from Denver); 2. Footman, Dan (DE) Florida State [42nd]; 3a. Traded to Detroit for DT Jerry Ball; 3b. Caldwell, Mike (LB) Middle Tennessee State [83rd] (choice from Denver); 4. Traded to Chicago for C Jay Hilgenberg; 5. Arvie, Herman (OT) Grambling [124th]; 6. McKenzie, Rich (LB) Penn State [153rd]; 7. Hill, Travis (LB) Nebraska [180th]; 8. Traded to the L.A. Rams for LB Frank Stams.


1a. Langham, Antonio (CB) Alabama [9th overall]; 1b. Alexander, Derrick (WR) Michigan [29th](choice acquired from Philadelphia in exchange for the Browns’ 2nd round choice [40th overall] in the 1994 draft and a 2nd round choice in the 1995 draft); 2. (choice to Philadelphia, see 1b); 3. Bandison, Romeo (DT) Oregon [75th]; 4. (choice [112th overall] to Miami for OL Gene Williams in a 1993 trade); 5. Booth, Issac (DB) California [142nd]; 6. Strait, Robert (FB) Baylor [171st]; 7. Hewitt, Hamza (OT) Clemson [203rd].


1a. (Choice to San Francisco for 49ers’ 1995 1st [30th overall], 3rd [94th overall], 4th [119th overall] and 1996 1st round pick); 1b. Powell, Craig (LB) Ohio State [30th overall](choice from San Francisco, see 1a.); 2. Choice to Philadelphia (see 1994 round 2); 3a. Zeier, Eric (QB) Georgia [84th]; 3b. Frederick, Mike (DE) Virginia [94th] (choice from SF, see 1a above); 4a. Choice to Jacksonville for 1995 5th and 1996 6th; 4b. Choice from San Francisco traded to Philadelphia for 1995 5th; 1996 5th; 5a. Pupua, Tau (DT) Weber State [136th](choice from Jacksonville, see 4a); 5b. Miller, Mike (WR) Notre Dame [147th](choice from Philadelphia, see 4b); 6. Choice to San Diego in 1994 for CB Donald Frank; 7. Tellison, A.C. (WR) Miami [231st](choice from NE for the Browns’ 1995 7th round selection).


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