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Jim Ray Smith–2005 inductee to the Cleveland Browns Legends. 205 - page 35 / 50





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1. Couch, Tim (QB) Kentucky [1st overall]; 2a. Johnson, Kevin (WR) Syracuse [32nd]; 2b. Abdullah, Rahim (LB) Clemson [45th]; 3a. McCutcheon, Daylon (DB) Southern California [62nd]; 3b. Smith, Marquis (DB) California [78th]; 4a. (Choice traded to San Francisco along with the Browns’ first pick in the 5th round for QB Ty Detmer and the 49ers’ 4th round pick); 4b. Choice traded to San Francisco for FB Marc Edwards; 4c. Rainer, Wali (LB) Virginia [124th] (choice from San Francisco, see 4a); 5a. (Choice traded to San Francisco, see 4a); 5b. Chiaverini, Darrin (WR) Colorado [148th]; 6a. Choice traded to Seattle for the Seahawks’ 6th round pick and the Patriots’ 6th round pick through Seattle; 6b. Spriggs, Marcus (DT) Troy State [174th](choice acquired from Chicago for the Browns’ 2nd selection in the 6th round and the Browns’ 2nd and 3rd selections in the 7th round); 6c. Ogle, Kendall (LB) Maryland [187th](choice from Seattle, see 6a); 6d. Dearth, James (TE) Tarleton State [191st](choice from Seattle, see 6a); 7a. Hill, Madre (RB) Arkansas [207th]; 7b. (Choice traded to Chicago, see 6b); 7c. (Choice traded to Chicago, see 6b).


1. Brown, Courtney (DE) Penn State [1st overall]; 2. Northcutt, Dennis (WR) Arizona [32nd]; 3a. Prentice, Travis (RB) Miami (Ohio)[63rd]; 3b. Dawson, JaJuan (WR) Tulane [79th]; 4a. Sanders, Lewis (CB) Maryland [95th]; 4b. Shea, Aaron (TE) Michigan [110th]; 5a. Malbrough, Anthony (DB) Texas Tech [130th]; 5b. Chapman, Lamar (DB) Kansas State [146th]; 6a. Wynn, Spergon (QB) Southwest Texas State [183rd]; 6b. Bedell, Brad (OL) Colorado [206th]; 7a. Savea, Manuia (OL) Arizona [207th]; 7b. Chandler, Eric (DL) Jackson State [209th](choice acquired from Chicago for the Browns’ 2nd and 3rd selections in the 7th round); 7c. Barnes, Rashidi (S) Colorado [225th](choice from Chicago, see 7b).


1. Warren, Gerard (DT) Florida [3rd]; 2. Morgan, Quincy (WR) Kansas State [33rd]; 3. Jackson, James (RB) Miami (Fla.)[65th]; 4. Henry, Anthony (DB) South Florida [97th]; 5. Pharms, Jeremiah (LB) Washington [134th]; 6. Jameson, Michael (DB) Texas A&M [165th]; 7a. Zukauskas, Paul (OL) Boston College [203rd]; 7b. King, Andre (WR) Miami (Fla.) [245th] (compensatory selection).


1. Green, William (RB) Boston College [16th overall]; 2. Davis, Andre’ (WR) Virginia Tech [47th]; 3. Fowler, Melvin (OL) Maryland [76th]; 4a. Bentley, Kevin (LB) Northwestern [101st]; 4b. Taylor, Ben (LB) Virginia Tech [111th]; 4c. Sanders, Darnell (TE) Ohio State [122nd]; 5. Davis, Andra (LB) Florida [141st]; 7. Gonzalez, Joaquin (OL) Miami (Fla.) [227th].


1. Faine, Jeff (C) Notre Dame [21st overall]; 2. Thompson, Chaun (LB) West Texas A&M [52nd]; 3. Crocker, Chris (DB) Marshall [84th]; 4. Suggs, Lee, Jr. (RB) Virginia Tech [115th]; 5a. Pontbriand, Ryan (LS) Rice [142nd](choice acquired from Minnesota); 5b. Lehan, Michael (DB) Minnesota [152nd]; 6. Garay, Antonio (DE) Boston College [195th].


1. Choice traded to Detroit along with Browns 2nd round choice for the Lions first-round choice [6th overall] Winslow, Kellen (TE) Miami; 2. Browns choice traded to Detroit (see above), choice acquired from Indianapolis, Jones, Sean (S) Georgia [59th], and the Colts fifth round choice for the Browns 2004 third round, fifth-round and sixth round choices; 3. Browns choice traded to Indianapolis (see above); 4. McCown, Luke (QB) Louisiana Tech [106th]; 5. Browns choice traded to Indianapolis (see above), choice acquired from Indianapolis, Gordon, Amon (DL) Stanford [161st]; 6. Browns choice traded to Indianapolis (see above), choice acquired from Buffalo in 2003 trade for TE Mark Campbell, Chambers, Kirk (OL) Stanford [176th]; 7. Echemandu, Adimchinobe (RB) California [208th].


1. Edwards, Braylon (WR) Michigan [3rd overall]; 2. Pool, Brodney (DB) Oklahoma [34th]; 3. Frye, Charlie (QB) Akron [67th]; 4. Perkins, Antonio (DB) Oklahoma [103rd]; 5. McMillan, David (DE/LB) Kansas [139th]; 6a. Speegle, Nick (LB) New Mexico [176th]; 6b. Traded QB Luke McCown to Tampa Bay for the Buccaneers’ sixth-round choice, Hoffman, Andrew (DL) Virginia [203rd]; 7. Dunn, Jonathan (OL) Virginia Tech [217th].


1. Kamerion Wimbley (LB) Florida State [13th overall]; 2. D’Qwell Jackson (LB) Maryland [34th overall]; 3. Travis Wilson (WR) Oklahoma [78th]; 4a. Leon Williams (LB) Miami (Fla.) [110th]; 4b. Issac Sowells (OL) Indiana [112th]; 5a. Jerome Harrison (RB) Washington State [145th]; 5b. Demario Minter (DB) Georgia [152nd]; 6a. Lawrence Vickers (FB) Colorado [180th]; 6b. Babatunde Oshinowo (DT) Stanford [181st]; 7. Justin Hamilton (S) Virginia Tech [222nd].



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