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        (1)  FAC 1 - Duty positions that require a high degree of flight proficiency in the tactical employment of the assigned aircraft.

        (2)  FAC 2 - Duty position that requires less flight proficiency than FAC 1.  For

example, executive officers, maintenance officers and staff officers at battalion or higher levels.

        (3)  FAC 3 -  Duty Position based on METL requirements.  The following are requirements of FAC 3.

             (a)  Qualified in their primary aircraft.  But will not perform duties in Army aircraft.

             (b)  Must maintain simulator flying-hour minimums stated in appropriate ATM.  Commander will specify simulator task and iteration requirements.  Minimums will be prorated at 1/6th of semiannual requirements and/or 1/12th of annual requirements for each


full month remaining in training period.  Any previous flying-hours/SFTS requirements no longer apply.  May prorate SFTS hours under the following conditions.   

                  1   Newly designated FAC 3.

                  2  Primary aircraft redesignated.

                  3  Duty position change that involves change in FAC level.

NOTE:  Prorated nonrated crew members requirements will be applied using the

      requirements of AR 600-106.

             (c)  A newly assigned aviator must demonstrate proficiency in all instrument  tasks to an IE within 90 days of designation to FAC 3 if an instrument evaluation has not been performed within the last 12 months.

             (d)  FAC 3 aviators must complete the following evaluation during their APART period.

                  1  Instrument evaluation.

                  2  Aircraft operator’s manual examination.

                  3  Must maintain a current flight physical IAW AR 40-501.

             (e)  If redesignated FAC 1 or FAC 2, they will be given a commander’s evaluation and placed into the appropriate readiness level (RL).

NOTE:  Conduct a check on learning and summarize the learning step/activity.

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