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delegated below MACOM level.

        (1)  Brigade commanders will establish NVG positions based on the unit’s METL.  They must designate at least 25% of the brigade’s authorized RCM positions as NVG except as follows.

             (a)  Does not apply to NCM, fixed-wing RCM, or AH-64 RCM positions.

             (b)  Medium lift helicopter companies will designate no less than 20% of RCM positions as NVG.

        (2)  Separate units that do not fall under an aviation brigade headquarters will meet the requirements of (1) above for each respective unit.  The NVG positions for these units will be approved by the following.

             (a)  Active and USAR - a Colonel or higher in the chain of command.

             (b)  ARNG - An aviation colonel or the state aviation officer.

    b.  Before conducting NVG training, units must have a written NVG SOP addressing specific requirements outlined in TC 1-204 (Night Flight Techniques and Procedures).

    c.  The commander may designate any three-month period for a crew members APART NVG evaluation.  He may also align the semi-annual period with the three month evaluation period.  Both sets of dates must be recorded on each crew members DA Form 7120-R.  


    d.  Units will conduct all NVG RL training, APART evaluations, and currency

evaluations at night, in the aircraft, and under actual NVG conditions.  The only exception is the one-hour static cockpit/SFTS training period that will initialize all RL training.  This period will include the following items as a minimum.

        (1)  Egress procedures.

        (2)  NVG failure.

        (3)  Blind cockpit drill or “switch locations”.

    e.  Aviators in an NVG position must receive their initial NVG RL designation no later than the date they are designated RL 1 day/night in the aircraft.    

    f.  RCM Initial qualification, aircraft qualification, and refresher training.

        (1)  Allowed 90 days to complete training.

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