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    a.  Limited resources require careful and detailed planning to achieve maximum training.


        (1)  Flying hours devoted solely to individual training must be kept to a minimum.

        (2)  Individual and aircrew continuation training should be integrated into unit collective training to maximize flight hours and emphasize familiarity with the METL and the collective efforts required to accomplish those tasks.

    b.  Individual Task and Collective-Mission Task

        (1)  Battle Focus - The process of deriving peacetime training requirements from wartime missions.  Critical to the battle-focused concept is understanding the linkage of the collective mission-essential tasks to the individual and crew tasks which support them.

        (2)  METL - Supports battle tasks and is the focal point for aviation commanders to plan, execute, and evaluate training.

        (3)  Battle tasks - The commander selects battle tasks from the subordinate unit’s METL which are critical to the success of his unit’s mission.  These tasks are emphasized during training and evaluation.  They provide standard actions that link aircrew and collective tasks.

        (4)  Battle Drills - A collective action rapidly executed without applying a deliberate decision-making process.  It is a standard throughout the Army which requires minimal leader orders to accomplish.  It contains sequential actions which are vital to success in combat or critical to preserving life.  Battle drills apply to platoon or smaller units and are trained responses to enemy actions/leaders orders.

        (5)  Crew/Individual Task - A clearly defined and measurable activity accomplished by soldiers.

        (6)  Situational Training Exercises (STX) - A mission related exercise scenario, based on the units METL.  Focuses on previous weaknesses identified and allows aviator,

crew or unit to practice critical parts of the mission before rehearsing the entire

mission.  Must insure realistic training objectives and avoid “canned” training flights.  The appreciable Mission Training Plan (MTP) provides examples for the development and use of STX’s.  

             (a)  The commander develops STXs that support the company METL using the following steps:

                  1  Company Mission - The commander receives the mission.

                  2  Company METL - The supporting mission essential tasks are developed

based on the Battlefield Operating System (BOS) in the appropriate Mission training Plan

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