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        (2)  Nonrated crew members (NCM) in designated flying positions.

        (3)  Nonrated crew members who perform crew member duties per

AR 600-106.

        (4)  Persons authorized to perform crew member duties in Army aircraft, IAW AR 95-1 or NGR(AR) 95-210.


    b.  TC 1-210 is the commander’s guide for implementing the ATP but the following ATMs are an integral part of the program.

        NUMBER                        TITLE______________                    

        TC 1-209           Observation Helicopter, OH-58D

        TC 1-211           Utility Helicopter, UH-1

        TC 1-212           Utility Helicopter, UH-60

        TC 1-213           Attack Helicopter, AH-1

        TC 1-214           Attack Helicopter, AH-64            

        TC 1-215           Observation Helicopter, OH-58A/C

        TC 1-216           Cargo Helicopter, CH-47

F:  Learning Step/Activity - Provide instruction on ATP Integration.

    a.  Crew members assigned or attached for flight duty will present their Individual Aircrew Training Folder (IATF) and/or their DA Form 759 to the commander or designated representative within 14 days of signing into the unit.

    b.  The commander’s evaluation, consisting of a records review and/or a proficiency flight evaluation, will be completed within 45 days of the crew member signing into the unit or after the effective date of flight status orders, whichever occurs last.        

G:  Learning Step/Activity - Provide instruction on the FAC levels .

    a.  Flight Activity Categories (FAC) - Unit Commander designated positions based on TOE or TDA which determine the crew members proficiency required.  The commander will not change FAC levels merely to reduce individual or unit flying-hour requirements.

NOTE:  FAC levels do not apply to DAC’s or NCM’s

    b.  FAC Levels.

        (1)  FAC 1 - Duty positions that require a high degree of flight proficiency in the tactical employment of the assigned aircraft.

        (2)  FAC 2 - Duty position that requires less flight proficiency than FAC 1.  

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