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If an extension or waiver is not granted or times are not met within the authorized period the commander will:

                *  Suspend aviator from aviation service.


                *  Place the aviator before a Flight Evaluation Board (FEB).

        (3)  Place crew member before a Flight Evaluation Board (FEB).  Board recommendations are restricted to the following.

             (a)  Orders disqualifying the crew member can be rescinded and crew member will be restored to aviation service.  When the respondents flying ability can be improved, other recommendations may be made.  

             (b)  Respondent can be temporarily or permanently disqualified from aviation service.

             (c)  Respondent can be permanently disqualified from aviation service and no longer authorized to wear the Army Aviation Badge.


I:  Learning Step/Activity - Provide instruction on the ATP helicopter gunnery program.

    a.  The helicopter gunnery training program begins with individual qualification and progresses through crew qualification to unit collective training.  FM 1-140 establishes training guidelines and defines the standard for helicopter gunnery qualifications.  

Gunnery live-fire is only required once a year but commanders should strive to conduct live-fire as often as aircraft, ammunition, and range resources will allow.  Gunnery applies to all units that operate AH-64, AH-1, and OH-58D(I) aircraft.

        (1)  FAC 1 -  All FAC 1 must successfully complete annual live-fire.

        (2)  FAC 2 (Units at 100% strength) - No Live-fire requirements except if the aviator’s primary aircraft has an attack or armed reconnaissance mission, will successfully complete the applicable table annually.  All AH-1 and AH-64 aviators will conduct gunnery exercises in their compatible simulator (if required to fly the simulator).

        (3)  FAC 2 (Units not at 100% strength) - Aviators may participate in live-fire at the commanders discretion.

        (4)  FAC 3 - No live-fire gunnery requirements.  FAC 3 aviators that fly the AH-1 or AH-64 simulators will successfully complete applicable Tables annually.             

        (5)  To progress to RL 2 the aviator must satisfactorily complete the applicable Tables per FM 1-140.  First 0-6 or above in the chain of command my waive live-fire requirements for progression until the unit’s next scheduled gunnery.          

        (6)  After completing gunnery the aviator remains certified for 12 full calendar

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