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    e.  Aviators in an NVG position must receive their initial NVG RL designation no later than the date they are designated RL 1 day/night in the aircraft.    

    f.  RCM Initial qualification, aircraft qualification, and refresher training.

        (1)  Allowed 90 days to complete training.

        (2)  Must show proficiency in all required tasks every 45 days.

             (45 days is a sliding window)

        (3)  Hour Requirements.

             (a)  1.0 hours SFTS or static aircraft “blind cockpit”.

             (b)  7.0 hours in-flight training.  May be reduced to no less than 4.5 hours based on crewmembers proficiency.

    g.  RCM Mission training (RL2), if no previous mission training in similar aircraft.  (Requirements do not apply to AH-64 aviators).  Their requirements are:

        (1)  10 hours in aircraft with access to the controls.  


        (2)  If mission training has been conducted previously, you may reduced the hours  to 5 hours based on crewmembers proficiency .

        (2)  If there are equipment shortages or  environmental conditions that preclude the use of NVG’s in the aircraft the commander may authorize up to 50% of these hours to be done in a compatible visual flight simulator.                  

    h.  RCM Continuation training hours required are:

        (1)  9 hours semi-annually in aircraft with access to the flight controls.  May apply 3 hours in a compatible visual flight simulator.      

        (2)  Commanders will not reduce these hours.

    I.  RCM Currency hours required are:

        (1)  Every 45 days the crewmember must complete 1 hour of flight with access to the flight controls.

        (2)  If currency has lapsed, a 1 hour proficiency evaluation will be completed by an NVG IP or SP.  Minimum tasks to be evaluated will be those tasks mandatory in the appropriate aircraft ATM.

K:  Learning Step/Activity - Provide instruction on the ATP records system.

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