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    a.  The ATP records system provides commanders a comprehensive performance record on each crew member in the unit.  Eight separate forms are used to administer the ATP are

placed into an Individual Aircrew Training Folder (IATF) for each rated and nonrated crew

member in an operational/designated flying position.  Use DA Form 3513 as the proper

folder.  Change the words on the front from “Individual Flight Records Folder, United States Army” to “Individual Aircrew Training Folder, United States Army”.  

    b.  There are eight DA Forms that are used in the initialization of the IATF.  The following are a list of the those forms and there placement in the IATF.

        (1)  DA Form 3513 (Individual Aircrew Training Folder).

        (2)  Left side of folder in order as listed.

             (a)  DA Form 7120-R (Commanders Task List (CTL)): To inform crew members of their ATP requirements and to designate authorized flight duties/stations.  Initiate form when:

                  1  Crew member is integrated into the unit’s ATP.

                  2  Crew member begins a new ATP training year.

                  3  Amendment of the existing DA Form 7120-R is impractical.


             (b)  DA Form 7120-1-R (Crew Member Task Performance and Evaluation Requirements): Details the base, mission, and additional task performance and evaluation requirements.        

             (c)  DA Form 7120-2-R (Crew Member Task Performance and Evaluation Requirements Continuation Sheet) (if used).

             (d)  DA Form 7120-3-R (Crew Members Task Performance and Evaluation Requirements Remarks and Certification): Record additional information such as ASET, environmental training, or changes to crew member’s ATP requirements.  Basically, anything relating to a crew member’s status.

        (3)  Right side of folder in order as listed.

             (a)  DA Form 4507-R (Crew Member Grade Slip): Used for a training program that require a series of flights.  Once training is complete, consolidate information to

the DA Form 7122-R and remove the grade slips from the IATF.

             (b)  DA Form 4507-1-R (Maneuvers/Procedure Grade Slip): Used with the      DA Form 4507-R to list the tasks required for the training program.    

             (c)  DA Form 7122-R (Crew Member Training Record): Permanent record of significant events in an individual crew member’s aviation career.  Since this a part

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