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Discipleship Resources for Kids Welcome to Holsom: Adventures in Faith

Welcome to Holsom: Adventures in Faith instantly draws kids in with “Whoa, that was cool!” comic book art and “Hurry, turn the page!” writing about Hugh’s personal tranformation from budding thief to follower of Jesus. Along the way, your kids will learn the vital practices of Christian living like prayer, witnessing, baptism, B i b l e s t u d y , a n d f r i e n d s / r e p u t a t i o n . 3 2 p a g e s . 5 1 2 x 8 1 2



5 or more, $1.59 ea.

Now What? For Kids

This small guidebook answers basic questions on what to do now, understanding the Bible, being a Christian, and God’s will. Each chapter has a Bible reading, devotional, study questions, and a memory verse. Paper. 24 pages. Written from a Pente-

costal perspective. For ages 9–12. 4 x 6" 02VN0557

85¢ 10–99, 75¢ ea.

100 or more, 70¢ ea.

Heads Up! Sports Devotions for All-Star Kids

by Dave Branon Heads Up! uses stories of athletes and sporting events to inspire faith and achievement in kids, ages 8 and up. Each day’s devo- tions includes a verse for the day, a short Scripture passage, and insightful final thoughts. In addition, scattered throughout are birthdays of well-known athletes, sports tips, and rare facts and

fi g u r e s . P a p e r . 3 2 0 p a g e s . 5 1 2 x 8 1 2



Path to Victory Sports New Testament, TNIV

This easy-to-read version of God’s Word also includes photos and l i f e l e s s o n s f r o m w o r l d - f a m o u s a t h l e t e s . P a p e r . 3 5 2 p a g e s . 5 1 4 x 8 "



24 or more, $4.50 ea.

Pocket Thin New Testament for Children, NIV

The Bible that’s small enough for kids to tuck in their pocket and t a k e w i t h t h e m w h e r e v e r t h e y g o . P a p e r . 3 6 8 p a g e s . 3 5 8 x 5 1 4 "



Outreach New Testament Story of God, TNIV

Easy to read, ideal for your MSC outreach. The TNIV New Testa- ment presents God’s Word clearly for the contemporary reader, without compromising the meaning of the original text. Includes outline, timeline, and glossary. An inexpensive way to get a Bible into the homes of all your visitors. Paper. 210 pages. 5¼ x 8"



50 or more, $1.99 ea.

Spanish. NVI. 314 pages.



50 or more, $1.99 ea.

These items are also great to feature in your MSC store.

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